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Water Park - Guest Relaxing in Tube

8 Items You’ll Need for a Visit to White Water

Important summertime gear to bring with you

You need to make sure you pack all the summertime essentials before heading to White Water for the day. These are some of the most important items you’ll want to bring with you to ensure you have a comfortable and protective visit. If you forget something at home, you can always purchase it in one of our gift shops.

1. The entire bottle of sunscreen
It’s not enough to apply sunscreen before you visit – stick the whole bottle in your bag and bring it with you. Your body’s oils will cause your sunscreen to wear off every few hours and it may even rinse off in the pool. Be sure to re-apply it several times throughout the day as needed.

2. Waterproof sandals or water shoes
Sure, you can take your shoes off when in the lazy river, wave pool, or going down a slide, but you’ll definitely need them to get around the park. The sun will make concrete sidewalks and walking areas very hot. Keep your shoes on as you walk around to stay comfortable. Be sure your shoes also have a rubber or tread sole to prevent slipping on wet walkways.

3. A plastic bag for your personal items
Protect your cell phone, car keys, cash, and other personal items by keeping them in a separate water-resistant bag. This way, if your sunscreen leaks or you accidentally throw a wet towel in your backpack, your important items will stay safe and dry.

4. A change of dry clothes
Your swimsuit will be soaking wet after a day of water park fun. Even after drying off with a towel, you’ll probably still be damp when it’s time to leave. Bring an extra set of clothes that you can quickly change into before you leave for a comfy and dry car ride home. We also recommend bringing a plastic grocery bag or trash bag to put your wet swimsuit in.

5. Waterproof camera
You’ll want to document all the fun you’re having throughout the day. Carry around a waterproof camera to take pictures of the family enjoying the lazy river or wave pool, and possibly get some cool underwater shots! If it’s waterproof, you won’t need to worry if it gets splashed.

6. Swimming accessories
While we provide a limited number of life jackets and inner tubes, bring the accessories you need to help you swim. Young swimmers may need goggles, arm floats, or flippers to help guide them along.

7. Sunglasses and a hat
Protect yourself from the sun with a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses. These will especially come in handy if you decide to kick back in a lounge chair and take in the rays.

8. Toiletries for a refreshing shower
We provide showers so you can rinse off the chlorine before you head home. Bring travel-sized bottles of shampoo and body wash to help you feel more refreshed after a long day of being in the sun.

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