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4 Amazing Spots to Take a Photo at the Park

Best backdrops for your souvenir photos

White Water is filled with stunning attractions and scenery that make awesome photo backdrops. Get your camera ready to snap all those picture-perfect moments of your friends next to our rides and park décor. For the best pictures possible, stop by these four spots for great photos you can’t get anywhere else and be sure to tag us on Twitter at @sf_whitewater.

1. The front gate area
Stop by the front gate to capture the White Water entrance sign. You can take a photo on your way in when you’re fresh and excited, and then stop again on the way out after you’ve had a long day of thrills. If you head a little more inward, the Treasure Chest gift shop has a unique wheel outside that represents an iconic piece of architecture.

2. In front of your favorite ride
Some of our iconic slides make great backdrops. Try to time your photo so as someone is plunging down Dive Bomber behind you or Caribbean Plunge is making a landing splash in the background. Tornado’s unique funnel shape also makes an exciting backdrop – and if you position it right, you could make it seem like the funnel is swallowing you. Additionally, Tree House Island has lots of interactive features that make a busy and memorable backdrop. If you wait for the bucket to fill up and tip over, you’ll get an enormous splash in your photo!

3. Underwater swim shots
If your camera is waterproof, take advantage of some awesome underwater shots. Capture a picture of your kid swimming through the Little Hooch River or your friends standing underneath a pouring fountain in the Activity Pool. If you stand at the far end of the wave pool, you can also get the full effect of the rushing waves in Atlanta Ocean Wave Pool. If they splash the lens, it’s even better!

4. At Lily Pad Crossing
Spend some time at Lily Pad Crossing to take cool action shots. You could capture a sequence as someone in your group makes his way across each pad, or snap a silly photo as he tips over and falls into the water.

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