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Dragon’s Tail

Try to slay this dragon.

Alright, splashing around in the water all day is fun and all, but there are some of you who are here for only one reason: to mass-produce adrenaline on the highest, fastest thrill slides you can find. In that case, may we recommend spending some quality time with the Dragon. The twin tails of this two-route body slide are going to deliver the goods.

Like the cracking whip of the tail of the beast this slide is named after, the action unfurls with a snap as you are whisked you to the pool in record time. There are no curves on this incredibly fast and slick run, all the better to build gargantuan velocity as you hustle down story after story to the bottom.

Prepare for major airtime as you bound over a series of three very steep, sudden drops without warning. They mount in intensity the further and faster you go, and by the time you crest bump number three, you’ll be catching more air than slide, in a moment that will probably play in slow motion in your mind.

The epic duel of thrill-seeker vs. giant scaly dragon ends with a triumphant splashdown into the pool.

By The Numbers

60 feet
20 seconds

Closed for the Season

Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Slippery Ridge


Need a Swimsuit
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