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Let The Good Vibes Roll  Splash Swirl Fly Flow Dance

Summer Vibes Live Entertainment

From acrobats scattered throughout the park to drummers making a splash on the Boardwalk, get lost in the live shows and entertainment of Summer Vibes! 


Flight Crew Jump Rope Brigade

Take a stroll down Summer Street and you’re bound to run into the smokin’ hot Flight Crew Jump Rope Brigade!  Watch in awe as they perform jump rope moves with high-flying acrobatics.  The louder you cheer, the higher they jump!  Catch them every Friday through Tuesday during Summer Vibes Festival.


Summer Vibes Dance Troupe

What is the best part about Summer? Music and dancing of course!  Strap on your dancing shoes and don’t miss the Summer Vibes Dance Troupe pop-up shows daily throughout the park from 12-8 pm.


Fluttering Butterfly

When you venture deep into the Forgotten Garden, look up, and you just may catch a glimpse of this magnificent Fluttering Butterfly as it wisps through the tree tops daily from 11am-7 pm daily during the Summer Vibes Festival.


Whirly Unicyclist

Catch the Whirly Unicyclist twirling, juggling, rolling and spinning underneath the Whirly Way every Saturday through Wednesday during the Summer Vibes Festival!


Street Acrobats

Located in front of the Carousel, join these Sun-Sational Street Acrobats in their interactive show every Wednesday through Sunday during the Summer Vibes Festival.  


Clumsy Juggler

From bowling pins to tennis balls, laugh as this Clumsy Juggler tries to keep several items in the air! Located in the Splash Of Color section on the Boardwalk from 12:30-7:30 pm daily during the Summer Vibes Festival.

Stick(y) Paint

“Stick(y) Paint™ Show” is inspired by combining two classic art forms, music and painting, into a rhythmically driven and visually stunning production. Audience members will be led through the creation of a masterpiece-in-paint and will find themselves clapping, laughing, and tapping their feet along with the Stick(y) Paint™ Crew—the amazing cast of musical painters and painting musicians. 

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