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Tweety Twee House

Everyone’s Invited to Tweety’s House, Unless You’re a Cat!

Tweety’s living the sweet life, up in the trees, far out of that sneaky cat Sylvester’s reach, but everyone knows that a cat can pounce and bounce all over the place.

Now is your chance to leap and dive with your favorite big cat! Take a seat on a wide bench lift built just for kids, and pounce with silly Sylvester all the way to the top of a 20-foot tall tree.

Look out! Tweety is waiting up there to conk Sylvester on the head and send the whole gang tumbling back down in a wobbly, jiggly, bouncy ride. Don't worry adults - It's never too fast, as this tower drop is definitely for the younger birdies.

You’ll fly up and down, but this silly cat can’t keep track! You may not purr, but you’ll definitely have a laugh attack!

Kids Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
36" to ride alone
Location in Park: 
Bugs Bunny National Park
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