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Taz Twisters

Taz the Spaz is the Earl of Twirl!

If there’s one guy who knows how to spin, it’s Taz. He whirls around so fast he lives in a permanent tornado of dust!

Now you can join Taz for a spinning, whirling, roundabout that will have you seeing double! Climb into one of the teacup-style pods that a giant, larger than life Taz has gathered around him.

Be warned, these are no ordinary teacups! You’ll swivel around in a circle, till your whole world starts to spin. Grab the wheel in front of you and give it a twist: the faster you turn the wheel, the more you spin. Soon you’ll be twirling so fast you won’t know your left from your right—but you will know exactly what it feels like to be that twirling Taz.


Thrill Level

Minimum Height

52" maximum
Location in Park: 
Bugs Bunny National Park
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