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Screamin’ Eagle

Experience the Joy of Coastering in its Purest Form

Famed roller coaster designer John Allen designed this wooden masterpiece according to his philosophy that a coaster should inspire awe as well as thrills. As you soar through the course of this beautiful and iconic legend, you will feel exactly what the designer intended.

Screamin’ Eagle’s 110-foot height and 62 mile per hour speed were instant Guinness World Records on the day it first opened in 1976 for America’s Bicentennial. But even more than those amazing attributes, this first-class ride was an instant star, because of its extraordinary layout and riding experience.

On that first 110-foot climb up the lift hill with nothing to impede your sight, you’ll see a vast landscape of the park and sky. This wide open view is very inspiring. In fact, you almost forget that you are about to plummet 92 feet down.

As you race down the hill, the whole world seems to open up in front of you as you proceed down a stunning long run of hills through wild country and trees.

With an intensely fun 3,800 feet of track, you’ll feel the sheer inspiration the designer intended.

Screamin’ Eagle is the premier residence in the park for angry and disillusioned spirits.

Hovering underneath — for reasons nobody can explain — are the ghosts of those who’ve suffered unspeakable endings from all over the world.

These spirits are lonely, frustrated, and bitter about being left behind. Their mission is to bring others into the mud pit of misery they call home.

From the back seat, they reach out, their ghoulish touch rips an arm from its socket, with an unnatural jerk and unbearable pain. The vehicle twists and careens on the track, and at each turn more riders disappear, until at the end, none are left.

What drives these lost and crazed spirits? Perhaps the thrill of new residents makes their horrible world more bearable. Hopefully, we’ll never know, and we’ll do everything in our power to remain ignorant.

Minimum Height: 42″

By The Numbers

3,872 feet
Screamin' Eagles of the Apocalypse
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 


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