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River King Mine Train

This Frontier Expedition is a Real Whippersnapper!

A prospector on the wild frontier could make a fortune mining for gold… as long as the brakes on his old mine car held out. Now you can feel the high-speed charge of flying down the rails on a runaway mine train. This longtime favorite has been thrilling miners of all sizes since it was built in 1971— that would make it the very first roller coaster ever at Six Flags St. Louis. Now your whole family will carry on the tradition.

Board a mine car and get ready to brave swift curves and plunging hills on this family-friendly coaster, suitable for daredevils-in-training learning to take on bigger rides.

Cooking along through the trees at 37 miles per hour, your mine car will swoosh through a series of time-tested dips, dives, and hairpin turns. The thrills are medium-sized and exhilarating for kids, but waiting for you at the end of the journey is an unexpected plummet through a pitch black mine shaft.

The 41-foot steep drop is truly scream-inducing and will leave you breathless, yet thirsty for more—just like life on the frontier.

What Our Guests Say

  • "The Mine Train was thrilling and super fun! Especially while sitting in the front, it felt faster than I remembered. It was tons of fun."
    - Jackie W. From St. Louis, Mo
  • "This ride is best at night. The final hill is a blast into total darkness...."
    - Tamara R. From St. Peters
  • "We road the Mine Train at night. I have always enjoyed the ride, but it was even better at night!!!! The tunnel and the drop were awesome!!!!"
    - Marybeth B From Decatur, Il
  • "You may think the Mine Train is a kids' ride, but it will get you when you least expect it! One of my all time favorite rides!"
    - Jessica P. Collinsville, Il
  • "This was the first "big" roller coaster that my 5 year old daughter was able to ride. She said it was the "awesomest ride ever!" This is a great introduction to coaster riding!"
    - Deena H From Southern Il
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Gateway to the West


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