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It’s Big. It’s Bright. It’s Bold. It's Boomerang.

Standing at 125-feet tall, this gravity-defying, nerve-racking, stomach-crunching steel roller coaster will rocket you through a combination of thrill sensations unlike any other coaster experience at the park.

First Boomerang will pull you and 27 other bold riders backward, slowly up to the top of the 125-foot tall lift hill. After a brief pause it’ll release you into complete mayhem, hurtling you along 1,650-feet of twisted steel track at speeds up to 50 miles per hour. You will race through a half loop, shoot into a right half cork screw followed by a left half cork screw, then another half loop and finally blaze through a full loop before climbing a second lift hill. Staying true to its name, Boomerang will then take you full circle by blasting you back through the twists, turns and inversions again—backward. 

Boomerang is available on the Platinum THE FLASH Pass only and is not available for double rides.

By The Numbers

Top Speed
50 mph

What Our Guests Say

  • "I got to ride Boomerang 1st because I was a Gold Season Pass holder! (Early Ride Time) Excellent ride! If you don't have a season pass your should!"
    - Kaylie & Kelsey From Il.
  • "The new "Boomerang" is so much fun, but the reverse part of the ride is my favorite part."
    - Chewie D, Bloomington Il
  • "OMG! BOOMERANG! is AWESOME, you feel the excitement build when it pulls you back.once it takes off, OH MY GOD!! So amazing!"
    - Genevieve F. From Mitchell,il.
  • "Even at 45 yrs old. ..the Boomerang stills gave me all the thrill I was seeking."
    - Chet K From Columbia
Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 



Goes Upside Down
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