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Hurricane Harbor Splashtown
Hurricane Harbor Splashtown

Thrill Rides

Looking for hydro-powered thrills? Well, you've found them. In fact, you've found some of the tallest, fastest, wettest, craziest water rides in the country.

  • Big Spin
    Minimum Height: 48"

    Get set to get wet! Spin around and down this unique, funnel shaped waterslide.

  • Brain Drain
    Minimum Height: 48"

    Seven stories of brain thrilling, 333 foot, 360 degree, floor dropping excitement.

  • Minimum Height: 42"

    Visitors of all ages and skill level can catch the continuous, perfect wave on the FlowRider double, which means more than one can ride at a time - doubling the fun!

  • Texas Freefall
    Minimum Height: 48"

    Seven stories of heart pounding, side by side free falling excitement. Not for the faint of heart!

  • RipQurl
    Minimum Height: 48"

    The excitement begins by launching up two riders through a dark tunnel where they will travel up to 26 feet per second into the 40 foot bowl of the ride that ends into a pool below.

  • Tornado
    Minimum Height: 48"

    Ride the ultimate storm. Start 75 feet in the air where daring riders are set in motion down a 132 foot long tunnel and thrown into the giant funnel splashing on 5,000 gallons of water.

  • Vortex
    Minimum Height: 48"

    “Vortex”, stands a skyscraping 60’ tall and takes thrill-seekers on two-person tubes that speed through dark tunnels and rocket into the wide-open expanse of massive saucers.

  • Wala Wals Falls
    Minimum Height: 48"

    Challenge a friend and race each other down two thrilling 30-foot slides.

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