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Six Flags Season Pass, Membership and Single Day Ticket Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to all Six Flags Season Passes (“Season Passes”), Six Flags Memberships (“Memberships”) and Six Flags single day tickets and any day tickets (“Tickets”) referred to collectively in this document as “Six Flags Passes,” purchased on or after September 1, 2019. Six Flags Passes also include Combo Passes.

By purchasing a Ticket, Season Pass or signing up for a Membership you are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions of use. Purchase and use of a Six Flags Pass is subject to the regulations of each individual Six Flags theme park, water park or other attraction (“Six Flags Attraction”), copies of which are displayed at each Six Flags Attraction and are available upon request. You agree to be bound by these regulations by purchasing or signing up for a Six Flags Pass.

Covered Attractions: These terms and conditions apply to Six Flags Passes for the following Six Flags Attractions: Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, TX); Six Flags Over Georgia (Austell, GA); Six Flags St. Louis (Eureka, MO); Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ); Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, CA); Six Flags Great America (Gurnee, IL); Six Flags Fiesta Texas (San Antonio, TX); Six Flags America (Upper Marlboro, MD); Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Vallejo, CA); Six Flags New England (Agawam, MA); The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom (Queensbury, NY); Six Flags Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico); La Ronde (Montreal, Canada); Hurricane Harbor Arlington (Arlington, TX); Hurricane Harbor Los Angeles (Valencia, CA); Six Flags White Water Atlanta (Marietta, TX); Hurricane Harbor New Jersey (Jackson, NJ); Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec (Oaxtepec, Mexico); Waterworld Concord (Concord, CA), Six Flags Darien Lake (Darien Center, NY), Six Flags Frontier City.(Oklahoma City, OK), Hurricane Harbor (Oklahoma City, OK), Hurricane Harbor (Phoenix, AZ), Hurricane Harbor Splashtown (Spring, TX) and Hurricane Harbor (Rockford, IL).

Validity Period

Season Pass Valid Until Dates: Generally, a Season Pass is valid from the time it is purchased until the end of the calendar year during which it was purchased (e.g., a Season Pass purchased in April 2020 will be valid until December 31, 2020). Depending on applicable promotions available when a Season Passes is purchased, certain Season Passes may have expiration dates in the calendar year immediately following the calendar year in which it was purchased (e.g., a Season Passes purchased in October 2019 may be valid until December 31, 2020). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained in the foregoing, the official expiration date of a Season Pass is as set forth in the online portal associated with a particular Season Pass at sixflags.com/pass (or as provided by Guest Relations for Season Passes purchased at a Six Flags Attraction). In the event of any conflict regarding the expiration date of a Season Pass, the expiration date provided either in the online portal or by Guest Relations shall control. Season Passes can be used up to and including the ‘valid until’ date provided in connection with a particular Season Pass.

Membership Valid Until Dates: Six Flags Memberships are valid from the time that the first monthly Membership payment is made until the time the Six Flags Membership is validly cancelled or otherwise deactivated. Terms and conditions related to Membership cancellations are set forth in the Pass Holder’s Membership Agreement.

Single Day Ticket Valid Until Dates:  Six Flags single day tickets are only valid for admission on the date printed on the front of the Ticket, unless you have purchased an any day ticket, which entitles you to admission one-time on any public operating day in the season in which the Ticket is purchased.

Admission to Six Flags Attractions

Home Park Admission: A Six Flags Pass is valid for admission at the Six Flags Attraction from which it was issued (the “Home Park”) and grants a revocable license to the registered, authenticated Pass Holder for admission and use of all open rides (unless restricted by conditions which could ultimately prohibit someone from riding safely, including but not limited to height, weight, age, physical limitations such as pregnancy and heart conditions, or observed appropriate behavior), shows and attractions on any regularly-scheduled operating day of the season to the Home Park.

A Six Flags Pass entitles the purchaser to admission to the Home Park and is subject to the operating calendars of the Home Park and any applicable exclusion dates as published on www.sixflags.com.

A Six Flags Pass is valid for only one visit per day, and a re-admission hand stamp is required for same day re-entry. A Six Flags Pass does not include admission to park areas not open to the general public or requiring a separate admission fee. Fees for parking, food, merchandise, games, pay-per-experience attractions, concerts and special events are not included.

Six Flags, in its absolute discretion, reserves the right to vary the opening and closing dates of the Six Flags Attractions and to close, remove or cancel all or any part of the rides, events or facilities within the Six Flags Attractions for any reason including, but not being limited to technical, health and safety and/or operational reasons or due to special events or private functions. For the avoidance of doubt, the full value or any part of the value of the Six Flags Pass will not be refunded nor will any compensation be payable if any of the Six Flags Attractions become unavailable or if any part of any of the Six Flags Attractions are closed or removed from the Six Flags network of parks.

Other Admissions Conditions: Six Flags Passes are not valid for private events, park buyouts, or events that require a separate admission. Admission to certain rides, shows, attractions, special events and concerts may require an additional charge or be subject to pre-sold admission. All operating dates and hours are subject to change without notice. All rides and attractions are subject to closings and cancellations for weather or other conditions. Restrictions apply including, but not limited to, capacity constraints and other closures. Six Flags Passes do not guarantee Home Park admission, especially during high attendance periods.

Blackout Dates: Some Six Flags Passes may be subject to admission “blackout dates” during which the Six Flags Pass is not valid for admission. Reasonable efforts will be used to post these blackout dates on the Six Flags website at least five months in advance or they will be stated with the Season Pass description.

Admission to Other Six Flags Attractions besides the Home Park: Regular and Gold Season Passes and Memberships may be used for admission only at the following Six Flags Attractions:

Six Flags Over Texas (Arlington, TX)

Six Flags Over Georgia (Austell, GA)

Six Flags St. Louis (Eureka, MO)

Six Flags Great Adventure (Jackson, NJ)

Six Flags Magic Mountain (Valencia, CA)

Six Flags Great America (Gurnee, IL)

Six Flags Fiesta Texas (San Antonio, TX)

Six Flags America (Upper Marlboro, MD)

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (Vallejo, CA)

Six Flags New England (Agawam, MA)

The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom (Queensbury, NY)

Six Flags Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)

La Ronde (Montreal, Canada)

Six Flags Passes are not valid for admission at Six Flags waterparks or other attractions unless it is specifically included as a benefit of the purchased pass type (for example, a Six Flags Over Georgia Combo Pass includes admission to White Water Atlanta).

This admission benefit does not entitle Pass Holders to other benefits away from their Home Park. For example, a guest who has the Parking Benefit at their Home Park is not entitled to park for free at other Six Flags Attractions unless the Six Flags Pass that they purchased explicitly includes such parking benefit.

Possession of a Six Flags Pass does not guarantee entry. The management of the relevant Six Flags Attraction reserves the right to refuse admission for any reason as provided by such Six Flags Attraction’s regulations. Possession or use of the Six Flags Pass does not guarantee immediate entry to any Six Flags Attraction during peak times.

Six Flags Identification Cards

Six Flags Identification Cards: Each Season Pass holder and Member will be provided with either a Biometric Identification Card or a Photo Identification Card (“Six Flags Pass ID”) which is used to authenticate each Season Pass holder and Member and ascertain their eligibility for admission, benefits and other services. A Season Pass holder or Member must bring their Six Flags Pass ID card with them whenever they visit a Six Flags Attraction and must be willing to present it to park personnel when asked. Six Flags Pass IDs are nontransferable and may only be used by the specific individual the ID was assigned to. Any attempt to gain admission to the Park using a Six Flags Pass ID by a guest to whom the Pass was not originally issued will result in immediate confiscation of the pass without refund. Six Flags Pass IDs are the property of Six Flags and must be surrendered to Six Flags upon request. Six Flags Pass IDs may not be used for commercial purposes and are void if altered or misused.

A Six Flags Pass is non-transferable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable and not valid for cash. Unless stated otherwise, a Six Flags Pass cannot be used in conjunction with any promotional offer, voucher or advance booking or with any other offer, discount or retail/restaurant incentive except those specifically designated for Pass Holders. Unauthorized resale is prohibited.

Biometric Identification Cards: Six Flags may use Biometric Identification Cards to authenticate Season Pass holders and Members. A guest will scan their finger, hashing the information into an indecipherable series of numbers, and then linking it to the guest’s account. Biometric data collected from guests is securely stored and is not shared with third parties for marketing or other commercial purposes. Pass Holder biometric data is automatically destroyed within one year following the cancellation/expiration of a Pass Holder’s account.

Pass Holders who do not wish to use a Biometric Identification Card for admission may instead opt for a Photo Identification Card. To receive a Photo Identification Card, Pass Holders may either stop by Guest Relations or inform one a Six Flags Team Members upon arrival the park.

Photo Identification Cards: Season Pass holders and Members may be required (or may request) to obtain Photo Identification Cards. Photos on file for active Pass Holders must be periodically updated with current photos. At this time, adults must replace their photos every ten (10) years and children (under the age of 18) must replace their photos every three (3) years. Further identification may be required. Pass Holder photos are automatically destroyed within one year following the cancellation/expiration of a Pass Holder’s account.

Replacement Six Flags Pass IDs: If a Six Flags Pass is lost, stolen or forgotten, the ID card can be replaced (only at the Pass Holder’s Home Park) for a non-refundable replacement fee, or a regular park admission ticket may be purchased at full gate price. Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian to receive a replacement Six Flags Pass ID.

Pass Holder Registration and Communication

Pass Registration Requirement: Each Six Flags Pass Holder is responsible for registering their Six Flags Pass by providing their true first name and last name; their date of birth; their residential address; a valid contact number; and a contact email address (if they have one). In the event that the Pass Holder is under the age of 13 then the parent should provide their own contact email address and not an address for the child.

Six Flags is entitled to use Pass Holder’s registration and purchase details, including without limitation first name and last name, address, telephone number, email address and items purchased and cost of each item, to contact them in relation to service information, including, but not being limited to, information about changes to these Terms and Conditions of use, updates to previously submitted health declaration forms, and expiry. Six Flags may also use the Pass Holder’s registration and purchase details to contact them with information and special offers from or about Six Flags Attractions.

Communications: As a member of the Six Flags Pass Holder program, a Pass Holder will be eligible to receive periodic mailers and newsletters and other communications about Six Flags, other Six Flags affiliated products and services and select unaffiliated, third party Pass Holder offers, including information about events, products, opportunities, services and special offers and discounts available to Pass Holders. Pass Holders may also be sent information about special events, products, services and offers based on their activities at Six Flags theme parks (e.g., purchase transactions, ride usage, etc). These communications may be sent by postal mail (one mailing per Pass Holder household/address) or by email, based on the contact information provided to Six Flags. Pass Holders may receive these communications from any subsidiary and affiliated entity of Six Flags Entertainment Corporation.

Pass Holders may choose not to receive these communications by logging into the Six Flags Pass Holder Portal and changing account preferences. Please be aware that if you do not allow us to send you certain communications, we may not be able to deliver information to you about special Pass Holder events and opportunities, or about products and services that may take into account your interests and preferences.

Address Change: Please report a change in your address immediately to the Six Flags Pass Holder Support team. Changes can be made at the Pass Holder Processing Center or by updating your information via the Six Flags Pass Holder Portal at sixflags.com/pass.

Parking benefit

Use of Six Flags parking lots and facilities is not included with the price of admission or the cost of a regular Six Flags Pass and generally requires payment of an additional fee at the time of parking lot entry. A Parking Benefit (“free parking”) is a feature that is included with some (but not all) Season Passes and Memberships types, including the Gold Season Pass and the Gold Membership. The Parking Benefit may occasionally be included with other Passes as a promotional incentive. Unless it is specifically stated and documented at the time of purchase a Six Flags Pass does not include the Parking Benefit. Pass Holders unsure of whether or not their Pass includes the Parking Benefit may contact Park Guest Relations to find out.

Pass Holders without the Parking Benefit may either pay to the Six Flags parking facilities each time they visit the park at the posted parking rates, or they may purchase a Six Flags Parking Pass. Different Parking Passes may offer different levels and types of parking benefits.

Unless otherwise stated at the time of purchase, the Parking Benefit associated with a Pass is valid for parking for one (1) standard vehicle only at pay-on-entry lots owned and/or operated by Six Flags. Oversized vehicles and preferred parking spaces are not included and require an additional fee. Availability of parking is not guaranteed, and is subject to capacity and applicable Blackout Dates (i.e., a Pass Card is not valid for parking on a date for which such Pass Card is blocked out). The Parking Benefit may only be used in conjunction with visits to Six Flags theme parks and attractions and may not be used for visits to non-Six Flags properties. Pass Holder must be in vehicle and present their valid Pass Card at time of entry to receive the parking benefit. Further photo identification may be required. The parking benefit will expire when the Pass it is associated with expires.

The Parking Benefit is nonrefundable, nontransferable and may not be redeemed for cash.

Parking Block Out Dates: Some Six Flags Passes are subject to Parking Block Out Dates. These are dates when a Pass Holder may use their Six Flags Pass to visit the Park but cannot use the Parking Benefit that may be associated with their Pass to park for “free.” In these instances, the Pass Holder with the Parking Benefit may either be denied use of the Park parking facilities entirely (such in the case of a special event) or they may be required to pay for parking at the posted public rate. Whether or not a Six Flags Pass is subject to Parking Block Out Dates will be stated at the time of purchase. Specific Parking Block Out Dates are listed on the Six Flags website.

Other Benefits (Non-Admission Related)

Use of In-Park Pass Holder Benefits: A Season Pass holder or Member must present his/her valid Pass Card and valid photo identification prior to purchases to receive any applicable benefits and discounts. Benefits and discounts are nontransferable and may not be combined with any other offer or promotion. Such benefits and discounts are for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial purpose including, without limitation, to obtain or purchase items or services with the intent to resell such items or services.

Benefits and discounts are determined solely by Six Flags or the applicable location/store owner and may change without notice.

Merchandise Discounts: Merchandise discounts may not be valid for: original or consignment art; select limited editions; select collectibles and specialty items (including, without limitation, one-of-a-kind art, Six Flags-branded original art, celebrity memorabilia, framed Six Flags Gift Cards, framed ticket media, handmade products (physically touched by an artist/vendor); cameras (digital/video/disposable and film); sundries; tobacco; alcohol; newspapers/periodicals; books; personalization including embroidery and D-Tech Me figures; outdoor vending; postage stamps; rentals (e.g., strollers, ECV); pantry/prepared foods; electronics (MP3 players/video players/video games/CDs/DVDs/videos/software media); treatments and cosmetics; special orders; purchase-with-purchase offers; gift cards; gift certificates; Park admission; ticket media; arcades; previous purchases; shipping or taxes, or on phone, email, online or mail order purchases. Merchandise discounts are valid at select Six Flags owned and operated stores and locations.

Dining Discounts: Dining discounts are valid at select Six Flags owned and operated restaurants and locations and are not valid on alcoholic beverages, tobacco products, room service, holiday buffets, taxes or gratuities. From time to time, select third parties may also offer discounts/benefits to Pass Holders and such offers shall be solely the responsibility of such third parties without any liability to Six Flags or its affiliates. Please ask about any applicable discounts at a location prior to purchase.

Third-Party Benefits: Pass Holders may receive discounts and/or benefits from third parties. Such third parties are subject to change.  Six Flags is entitled to remove and/or withdraw any or all third party discounts and/or benefits in its absolute discretion at any time and for any reason.

Improper Behavior

A Six Flags Pass is a revocable license and may be confiscated with no refund of purchase price.

Violation of Park Rules: Violation of park rules will result in expulsion. A copy of park rules is available upon request. Conduct that is disorderly, disruptive or in poor taste is prohibited. Clothing with inappropriate/offensive words, phrases or graphics are prohibited. While at any Six Flags Attraction (with the exception of waterparks, as appropriate), shirts and footwear with soles must be worn at all times.

Pass Sharing: Six Flags Season Passes and Memberships are non-transferable and cannot be sold, loaned or given away to be used by a third party. Any use of a Six Flags Pass in breach of these terms and conditions or the relevant Six Flags Attraction regulations will result in the Six Flags Pass being revoked without compensation. For the avoidance of doubt, pass sharing is a breach of these terms and conditions and any attempted use of a Six Flags Season Pass or Membership by someone other than the photographed or biometrically identified Pass Holder, regardless of reason, will result in the Six Flags Pass being revoked without compensation to the Pass Holder.

Suspension: If a Pass Holder is suspected of violating any of these terms or any other rules, regulations or policies of the Six Flags Attraction, Six Flags may suspend the Six Flags Pass held by such person or persons subject to Six Flags’ investigation of the alleged violation. Six Flags will continue to collect all monthly payments due, including the monthly payment for Pass holder’s whose Membership has been suspended, during any such period of suspension. Upon the conclusion of the investigation and depending upon the findings of such investigation, the suspended Six Flags Pass will either be reinstated and extended to cover the period during which such Pass was suspended, reinstated without extension for the suspension period, or immediately revoked. In any event, Six Flags will continue to collect all amounts due under any applicable Membership Agreement or any purchase financing agreement in place.

Cancellation or Revocation: The Six Flags Passes provide the Pass Holder with revocable privileges which may be cancelled or revoked by Six Flags at any time without notice or refund. The Pass Holder may also be removed from the park for any misuse, failure to abide by applicable terms and conditions or conduct detrimental to the park, including theft of property or services, violation of Federal, State and Local laws, assisting any person to obtain unauthorized entry, violation of park rules, safety procedures, vandalism, disorderly conduct, intoxication, and possession of intoxicating liquors (except as properly purchased within the park with valid identification and used in a responsible manner), drugs or weapons. Cancellation or revocation of the Six Flags Pass ID will result in automatic cancellation, suspension or revocation of the Six Flags Season Pass or Membership.

A Six Flags Pass that is discovered to have been purchased through illegal methods will be revoked without compensation.

In the event that a Six Flags Pass is cancelled or revoked Six Flags will either continue to collect all unpaid amounts due, including all amounts due with respect to the revoked Pass, or declare the entire unpaid balance due immediately due and payable.

Dispute Resolution

EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY NOTED BELOW, ANY DISPUTE BETWEEN YOU OR ANY OTHER PASS HOLDERS AND SIX FLAGS ARISING UNDER, OUT OF, IN CONNECTION WITH, OR IN RELATION TO THIS AGREEMENT MUST BE SUBMITTED TO BINDING ARBITRATION UNDER THE AUTHORITY OF THE FEDERAL ARBITRATION ACT. The dispute must be arbitrated in accordance with the then current rules and procedures cited below, and under the auspices, of the American Arbitration Association (“AAA”), except to the extent the rules and procedures are modified by this Agreement. A dispute or claim relating to personal injury or other similar claims arising out of or in connection with an accident or claimed physical injury, or lost or stolen property, at any Six Flags Attraction are expressly excluded from this Dispute Resolution provision and the terms hereof.

A party who intends to seek arbitration must first send to the other, by certified mail, a written Notice of Dispute (“Notice”). The Notice to Six Flags should be addressed to: General Counsel, Six Flags Entertainment Corporation, 1000 Ballpark Way, Suite 400, Arlington, Texas, 76011 (the “Notice Address”). If Six Flags and the affected Pass Holders do not reach an agreement to resolve the dispute within 30 days after the Notice is received, either party may commence an arbitration proceeding. During the arbitration, the amount of any settlement offer made by either party shall not be disclosed to the arbitrator until after the arbitrator determines the amount, if any, to which you or Six Flags is entitled.

The arbitration will be governed by the Commercial Dispute Resolution Procedures and the Supplementary Procedures for Consumer Related Disputes of the AAA (the “AAA Rules”), as modified by this Agreement, and will be administered by the AAA. The AAA rules are available on line at www.adr.org.

The arbitrator may award injunctive relief only in favor of the individual party seeking relief and only to the extent necessary to provide relief warranted by that party’s individual claim.

YOU (FOR YOURSELF AND EACH OTHER PASS HOLDER) AND SIX FLAGS AGREE THAT EACH MAY BRING CLAIMS AGAINST THE OTHER ONLY IN AN INDIVIDUAL CAPACITY, AND NOT AS A PLAINTIFF OR CLASS MEMBER IN ANY PURPORTED CLASS OR REPRESENTATIVE PROCEEDING. Further, unless all parties agree otherwise, the arbitrator may not consolidate more than one person’s claims and may not otherwise preside over any form of a representative, joint, or class proceeding. If this specific proviso is found to be unenforceable, then the entirety of this Dispute Resolution provision shall be null and void.

The arbitration shall take place in the locale of the Six Flags Attraction to which your Six Flags Pass relates, unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

Except as may be required by law, neither a Pass Holder nor an arbitrator may disclose the existence, content or results of any arbitration under this section without the prior written consent of all parties.

Except as otherwise provided for herein, Six Flags will be responsible for paying any arbitration filing fees or fees required in order to obtain a hearing (or documentary submission) of the claim under the applicable rules to the extent such fees exceed the amount of the filing fee for initiating a claim in the court of general jurisdiction in the state where the Six Flags Attraction is located. If, however, the arbitrator finds that either the substance of a Pass Holder’s claim or the relief sought in the demand is frivolous or brought for an improper purpose (as measured by the standards set forth in Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 11), then the payment of all such fees will be governed by the AAA Rules. In such case, you agree to reimburse Six Flags for all monies previously disbursed by it that are otherwise the Pass Holder’s obligation to pay under the AAA Rules.

Except for the enforcement process described below, the decision of the arbitrator will be final and binding on all parties to the dispute; however, the arbitrator is bound by the terms of this agreement. The arbitrator will have no authority or power to: (i) stay the effectiveness of any pending termination of this agreement; (ii) assess punitive or exemplary damages; or (iii) make any award that extends, modifies or suspends any lawful term of this agreement or any reasonable standard of business performance set by Six Flags. The arbitrator must also follow the applicable law and may not disregard the law based on principles of justice or equity which are not a specific part of the applicable law.

If a Pass Holder is the prevailing party in any arbitration under this agreement, that Pass Holder will be entitled to recover the Pass Holder’s reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, however if such Pass Holder has the right to attorneys’ fees under any other applicable law, the Pass Holder is not entitled to duplicative awards of attorneys’ fees or costs.

A judgment may be entered upon the arbitration award and enforced in accordance with the Federal Arbitration Act and applicable rules of arbitration.


Other Terms & Conditions

Permission to Film or Videotape: Entry into any Six Flags Attraction constitutes consent for Six Flags to use any film, video or reproduction of image and/or voice of a Pass Holder for any purpose whatsoever without any payment to the Pass Holder.

Security Screening: Prior to entering the park all guests must go through a bag check and metal detection screening, and you hereby consent to doing so. 

Assumption of General Risk/Limitation of Liability:  You acknowledge and agree to assume the inherent risks associated with attendance at the park and the use of all rides and attractions, and agree to read and obey all safety signage, instructions and rules.  Such risks include bodily or physical injury or harm or death that may be caused by or arise or result from or be attributable to the use of or participation in or on any attraction, particularly for those for whom normal operation of any attraction may be hazardous, including those who are pregnant, have a heart condition, have neck or back problems, are subject to motion sickness, or have other health problems that may make them more vulnerable to injury.  Other risks of attending large outdoor venues include, injuries from exposure to the elements, such as rain, cold, excessive heat or the weather in general, and injuries or illness sustained due to your own personal negligence and/or the negligence of others, including running, jumping, engaging in altercations with other patrons or otherwise behaving recklessly in the park, and illness resulting from your failure or the failure of other patrons to abide by our health declaration policies.  You are responsible to know your own health and physical condition and limitations and the health and physical condition and limitations of any minor under your care or supervision. If you ride or use, or you permit any minors under your care or supervision to ride or use, any attraction, you or they do so at your or their own risk.  Six Flags assumes no responsibility for accident or loss to any person in connection with the condition or use of the park, rides and amusements or their entrance into or departure from the park.  You hereby irrevocably release Six Flags and its affiliates and their respective employees, agents, representatives, contractors, subcontractors, successors, heirs, and assigns from, and hold them harmless for, all losses, damages, costs, expenses, claims, demands or causes of action whether known or unknown, suspected or unsuspected, arising out of your attendance at, and use of, the Park[, except to the extent caused by Six Flag’s gross negligence or willful misconduct]. 

Lost Property: Six Flags is not responsible for lost or stolen property. A Pass Holder must abide by any rules and regulations applicable to the Six Flags Attraction or to the use of the Pass Cards as promulgated by Six Flags from time to time.

Pricing: Six Flags is entitled, in its absolute discretion, to change the price payable for its Season Passes and Memberships at any time and for any reason and may from time to time offer pricing or promotional offers at specific Six Flags Attractions, online, via telephone or through third party channels. Tube and other rentals, merchandise, food, games and arcades require additional fees.

Refunds: Refunds are not available in any circumstances. This does not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

Miscellaneous: All terms, conditions and benefits including, but not limited to, admission privileges, Blackout Dates, prices, Pass type availability, parking locations, benefits and discounts are subject to restrictions, availability, and change or cancellation without notice at any time. (1) Six Flags reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions by giving Pass Holders no less than 30 days’ written notice of such variation by using the details provided during the purchase or Pass holder registration process. (2) Six Flags may delay or waive enforcement of any of the provisions of this agreement without losing its right to enforce the same or any other provision later; (3) Pass Holders waive the right to receive notice of any waiver or delay or presentment, demand, protest or dishonor; (4) should any term herein be deemed invalid or unenforceable, the remaining terms shall remain in full force and effect; and (5) you will send any legal notice or other notice or information that you are required by law to provide or deliver to Six Flags by first-class mail, or by recognized commercial overnight courier, to the following address: Six Flags Membership Support Center, [1000 Ballpark Way, Suite 400, Arlington, Texas, 76011.]

Memberships are also subject to the Six Flags Membership Agreement.


Prices, operating schedule and park policies are subject to change without notice. Processing fees apply to online orders.

© 2020 Six Flags Entertainment Corporation.  All rights reserved.   See copyright and trademarks,  Biometric Terms of Use., California Privacy Notice, and California Do Not Sell My Personal Information Request

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