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Six Flags Over Texas
Six Flags Over Texas
Arlington, Texas
Cloud Bounder takes riders up in the air on a scenic ride

Cloud Bouncer

Tag the Clouds in Your Own Hot Air Balloon!

NOTE: This attraction will close early at 8:00 p.m. June 30 - July 4 to prepare for our July 4th Fest fireworks show.

Ever wish you could reach up and touch the clouds? Now you can, in your very own hot air balloon! When you need a breath of fresh air, it’s time to lift off, flying high over Goodtimes Square. Climb into a basket under one of the colorfully striped balloons, and then you’re ready to soar!

Up, up, and away, more than a dozen feet high! Now you’re cruising, as your personal hot air balloon circles, floating up and around the center cluster of bright white clouds. You can simply enjoy a great view of the park on your mellow flight, or your little flying aces can grab hold of the center disk and give it a spin it, to make the entire balloon spin around. The harder you twist the wheel, the faster you spin. Teens with some muscle can really make these balloons twirl hard! But any which way, you’ll be a balloon-master of the sky!

By The Numbers

44 feet
2 minutes

What Our Guests Say

  • "The cloud bouncer was fun and very enjoyable!! My daughter rode it with her older brother."
    - Jasmine G.
  • "My grandchildren had a wonderful time. They felt so big getting to ride it on their own!"
    - James S. From Plaestine, Tx
  • "Who wouldn't want to feel as though you're bouncing off of a cloud??!! Absolutely another great experience when ."
    - Amandia R Hamilton
  • "My son and I really enjoyed spinning high above the other people!"
    - Nina G. From Waco, Tx
  • "My son thinks he's flying! He love's this ride."
    - D. Rathbun

What do you think?

Closed for the Season

Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
42" to ride alone. No lap children.
Location in Park: 

Goodtimes Square

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