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Take a Delirious Leap into Extreme Exhilaration!

March on down to GOTHAM CITY and hitch a ride on the coolest way to fly—BATMAN’s very own bat-plane! These sleek air cruisers are sized just right for junior crime fighters. And now you can pilot them while they fly through the sky.

Pick out one your favorite supersonic bat jets and get ready to soar. Each slick black plane has jet blasters in back, which will come in handy when you start to spin around the giant BATMAN logo in the center.

There’s enough room for two friends, and even junior bats can fly with a grown-up by their side. You get to control how high or low to fly by pulling a control lever. You can stay mellow down below, or get a great view of GOTHAM CITY from above!

Little BATMAN fans will love stepping into their favorite hero’s colorful world on this gentle, super fun ride.

By The Numbers

Top Speed
1 minute, 45 seconds

What Our Guests Say

  • "Well, it was great for our 9 year old who is scared of most rides, but he loved it."
    - Rocio F Correa Fort Worth Tx
  • "It was so cool. Every time you touch the button, it would go up. That was awesome!"
    - Jadenw
  • "My nephew and I rode Batwing, and we had a great time. He loved it so much, I let him ride it 4 times!"
    - Jolie
  • "Its my baby boy's favorite ride, and it looks like a rocket and reaches great heights."
    - Jelena W. From Fort Worth, Tx
  • "We enjoyed Batwing because the while family could ride it together. "
    - Gayla M., Keller Tx
Family Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
48" to ride alone. No lap children.
Location in Park: 

Gotham City

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