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Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

Up, Up and Away

Race the Clouds in Your Own Hot Air Balloon!

When you need a breath of fresh air, it's time to lift off in your very own hot air balloon flying high over Six Flags. Climb into a basket under one of the colorfully-striped balloons, and you're ready to soar in style!

Up, up, and away, more than a dozen feet high! You're really cruisin' as your personal hot air balloon circles, floating up and around in a whooshing circle. As you race with the wind, you'll enjoy a great view of the neighborhood below your basket on your light-hearted flight through the trees. Wave hi to the little cars driving way down below. You don't need a road when you can fly through the sky!

As you spin a little faster, the balloons tilt and wave. This may be a little intense for first-time flyers, but there's room for three or four friends to conquer the jitters with smiles. You'll get the hang of it in no time!

By The Numbers

2 minutes
Swinging Balloon Ride
May 8, 2004
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

36" with adult
48" to ride alone.
Location in Park: 

Carousel Hill

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