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Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

Sky Coaster

Take a Delirious Drop into Extreme Exhilaration!

Roller coasters are a spectacular way to spend the day, but there is another kind of thrill coaster in the sky. Welcome to Sky Coaster, probably one of the most exhilarating rides you’ll ever dare to tackle. Get ready to experience the thrill of skydiving, hang-gliding and bungee jumping all rolled into one! First you’ll have to get to the top of a 180-foot steel arch before taking a flying dive from the top with nothing but sky to catch your fall!

Bundle into the harness with a friend or two and wave goodbye to the ground. You’ll stare straight down as you are hoisted up by a slim cable, until you’re so high you’ll only hear the wind as you dangle nearly 18 stories in the air. There’s no turning back now—the only way to get down is pull the cord.

In a split second you are released and plummeting back towards the earth in a state of total free fall. You can plan on hurtling toward the ground as fast as 50 mph.

But as soon as the steel cable catches your fall, the momentum of the drop will swing you powerfully forward. And now you’re completely airborne, soaring through the atmosphere as the ripcord swings you above the park! This is a once-in-a-lifetime thrill normally reserved for hang gliders and birds.

Sky Coaster Pricing is as follows:

Single Person Flight:       $35

Double Person Flight:      $20 per person

Triple Person Flight:        $15 per person

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The Sky Coaster can be an exceptionally wild place to hang out at night. Even though it seems fairly nice.

Nestled deep in the park, far away from the loudest screams of terror you hear coming from every corner.

Don’t be fooled. The ride sits adjacent to Lake Lamour — the deepest body of water in the park and the home to the terrifying, man destroying Sirens.

In ancient Greece, Sirens were stunning spirits who lured sailors to their deaths. Their voices called to the spellbound young men, who could not resist these sweet tones and seductive promises. These Sirens, in time, spread to every corner of the globe in search of male victims, young and old, though they liked the young best.

Once their prey is within their arms and in their power, a torture begins that has no end. They tear eyelashes from lids, pour hot oil in ears, and use their razor-sharp nails to create bloody trails across skin that is stretched to the breaking point. Deadly kisses begin sweetly and end in a mouthful of flesh.

This is what they live for. The ubiquitous screams. The unspeakable suffering. The ultimate demise.

Often, at night, when the light is just right, they spot someone they desire, here at the park – strapped in and powerless to resist. Just as the ride takes off, their enchanting Siren song can be heard, if ever so faintly.

It might not have a melody. It might be only laughter. Or the hum of machinery. Or an eerie, distant cry. But this much is certain: no man can resist.

*Requires Additional Fee

Height Requirement: Min. 42″ with adult, 48″ alone

By The Numbers

Top Speed
50 mph
18 stories tall
Ride Type
Bungee Flyer Ride
Sky Coaster: Sirens Calling
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

42" with adult
48" to fly alone
Location in Park: 


Additional Fee Required

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