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Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

THE JOKER Chaos Coaster

Come Experience the Chaos Today!

It's epic. It's chaotic. It's devious. And, it's waiting for you and 23 other riders! It's THE JOKER Chaos Coaster. Experience the insanity of facing off against one another and rocking back and forth through seven stories of looping mayhem. It may seem like the madness is slowing down, but you are about to be thrown for a loop, upside down, 72 feet in the air. And, it's not over yet. Get ready to be sent in the opposite direction for even more looping havoc.

The THE JOKER Chaos Coaster is located in the GOTHAM City area of the park along with the likes of BATMAN: The Ride, HARLEY QUINN Wild Whirl, THE RIDDLER Mindbender and more!

Chaos has engulfed GOTHAM CITY thanks to none other than THE JOKER himself.

A maniacal looping ring of terror has emerged within the park and THE JOKER is using it to turn all guests of the park into psychotic villains just like him.

THE JOKER Chaos Coaster will rocket you back and forth pendulum style along the steel circular track, soaring up one side of the loop and then dropping back down to race up the other side. Your heart will pound as you anticipate the nerve-wracking launch that will twist you completely around the inside of this chaotic loop.

When you step off of this ride, you’ll find yourself with an uncontrollable laughter, your skin will turn pale and chaos will be all that you know. You may even find yourself dying your hair green! Beware of GOTHAM CITY and its horror ride, THE JOKER Chaos Coaster!

Height Requirement: Min. 48″

THE JOKER Chaos Coaster
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Gotham City


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