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Six Flags Over Georgia
Six Flags Over Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia

Dahlonega Mine Train

Golden Thrills on a Georgia Classic.

Travel back to the days of the Georgia gold rush, when brave prospectors traveled deep into the mountains looking for those elusive golden nuggets. Did you know the very first gold rush in the U.S. happened right here in Georgia? In a town called Dahlonega, those early adventurers staked a claim for fortune and glory. Now you get to tag along for the ride.

You’ll dive into an old mining car for this crazy ride through the treacherous hills of the frontier. Launched in 1967, The Dahlonega Mine Train was one of the very first roller coasters at Six Flags Over Georgia, and this family favorite is as fun today as it was the day it opened.

From a peak height of 37 feet, you’ll dive into the hill-hugging curves of an amazing figure-8. Then a series of wind-blasting rises and dips will lift you out of your seat as you barrel through the countryside. You’ll fly high through the trees, and then plummet around a bend into a spiral on this classic Georgia course. Your runaway mine car cooks through the wilderness at 35 miles per hour, building into a giant horseshoe turn and tunnel dive.

Okay, you haven’t found any gold yet, so you better ride it again!

The Dahlonega Mine Train used to be one of the most profitable gold and silver mines in the southeast until all of the sudden, hundreds of men disappeared.

The day’s work had ended and everyone boarded the train for the long trip back to the surface. The miners were exhausted and caked in dark dust. Through the steady clicking of the tracks, they closed their eyes and tried to shut down their thoughts for a moment.

Suddenly, a shriek of terror was heard from the last car. There, deep in the mine, sounds of slurping and crunching echoed in the blackness. A loud pop was followed by a shower of blood and irregularly shaped pieces of skin. Warm and dripping strands of muscle wrapped themselves around the necks of the men in the next car. Through the terrifying blackness, their screams and whisperings were all that was heard.

Then, the race was on. Evasive action was taken. The mix of cries and crunching of bones marked the spot, as whatever it was made its way forward, car by car, man by man. After what seemed a lifetime, the light of the outside blinded the remaining miners as the train came to the violent end of the line.

Height Requirement: Min. 42″

By The Numbers

2,323 feet
35 MPH
Max Height
37 feet
Ride Type
Steel Mine Train Coaster
Opening Year
The Dahlonega Mine Train: Train of Horror
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Peachtree Square


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