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performers at fright fest

The Awakening

Mayor Slayer arrives to call forth demons, monsters, ghosts and ghouls to join him in celebrating nightfall.

Location: Awakening Stage

Mayor Slayer arrives to reign over Fright Fest and calls forth demons, monsters, ghosts and ghouls to join him in celebrating the nightfall.

A procession of demons slowly escorts a hearse led by a sluggish henchman guiding the way with a flickering lantern. The bells toll at 6:00 p.m. and the vehicle suddenly stops. The zombie chauffeur gets out and opens the back allowing the coffin inside to slide out onto the ground. Lights and music start pounding in the air and from the coffin emerges the one and only… Mayor Slayer.

The Mayor proudly calls forth representatives from each haunt zone to join him in his celebration. Soon, deranged clowns from CarnEVIL, townsfolk from the Slaughter Hollow, and deceased demons from Demon District start crawling their way through the crowd to report in.

Pleased at seeing all his minions and constituents, Mayor Slayer then unleashes them all to proudly proclaim the night is here with all the frightful fun he oversees that is Fright Fest.

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