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Mort performing at Mort's Used Coffins at night

Mort’s Used Coffins

Mort is digging up business again, and wants you to be part of the show.

Location: Slaughter Hollow

Mort is digging up business again and wants you to be part of the show.

Head on down, 6 feet down, to Mort’s Moonlight Madness sale!

Everything must go, including you! Every coffin, gravestone and piece of dirt that you desire is available at a beatable price, that is beaten up down and sideways just to get you into one of Mort’s blasted boxes!

No sale is sacred! Mort has the latest models, some made for comfort, some made for celebrities, and now all ready to be reused by you. You’ll feel good as James Brown or stuck in a corner like Swayze. Perhaps you’re not a customer who’s ready to recycle, well Mort’s even looking for a few strong bodies to help him lug the merchandise. A sucker’s born every minute, and he’s hoping they’re dying at the same rate.

Mort gives his sales pitch several times throughout the night at his used coffin lot. Between his morbid and maniacal shows, keep an eye out as he roams the midway with a tape measure in hand to see if you may be the perfect fit in this business.

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