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Six Flags Magic Mountain
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Los Angeles, California
THE FLASH Speed Force
THE FLASH Speed Force

THE FLASH Speed Force

Faster Than Light Speed?  No problem!

THE FLASH is the fastest man alive!  Watch him zoom past you in a blur of red and gold.  Forged by lightning, THE FLASH can run faster than the speed of light, and now you can too!  THE FLASH Speed Force is part of the hyper colorful DC Universe.  Now you can see the world through THE FLASH’s eyes as a whizzing blur of color and light!

A blazingly fast seated ride around a circular track will take you to the turbo-charged speed of THE FLASH’S world.  But just going round in circles isn’t enough – THE FLASH added a wave to it to create an inter-dimensional centrifuge that will spin you out of this world.

Jump into your seat and get ready to accelerate full tilt until everything is a streaky, blurry, smear of light.  Now you know how THE FLASH feels!  You’re moving so quick the centrifugal force will squeeze you right to the edge of your seat, whirling around like an atom smasher… except this time the atom is you!


Temporarily Closed

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DC Universe

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