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Powering Thrills by the Sun

Six Flags Magic Mountain is thrilled to announce the installation of a new 12.37-megawatt (MW) solar carport, being built over the main guest parking lot. This installation, in partnership with Solar Optimum and DSD Renewables, will rank as California’s largest single-site commercial renewable energy project, distinguishing Six Flags as a leader in the theme park industry around the world. The project is scheduled to begin development in Fall 2023. 

This 12.37-megawatt solar project with a 2MW/8MWh battery energy storage system can deploy 20.8 million kWh of energy annually, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of 2,874 homes and 1.79 million smart phones charged. Upon completion, the park will be able to offset 100% of its energy usage with solar power. 

For 62 years, Six Flags has been committed to protecting and improving the environment and its communities, striving towards the expansion of sustainability and ESG-related initiatives and efforts. Six Flags’ three sites, including Six Flags Discovery Kingdom and Six Flags Great Adventure, will rank as the largest volume of onsite Solar PV systems for any U.S. organization, with a combined total of 43.37 megawatts. By actively working to reduce the environmental impact of its amusement park operations, Six Flags continues to make meaningful advancements in adopting solar power throughout its operations and otherwise reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

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Six Flags Friends Programs

Six Flags Friends is a series of programs throughout the Six Flags family of parks that make a difference in communities by encouraging local involvement, supporting the mission of various non-profit organizations and bringing the thrill of Six Flags to children and families across North America.

Six Flags Friends is a proud supporter of hundreds of organizations throughout our Six Flags communities. Through our national partnerships, we successfully utilize our geographic span to make a difference as a unified family of parks. Through our donation program we are able to contribute to many local organizations. Six Flags Magic Mountain is also pleased to support the work of California organizations that make an impact in our surrounding neighborhoods. It is the work of the organizations below that truly make our cities a better place to live, work and enjoy.

Six Flags Friends is dedicated to furthering the mission of the following organizations.

Boys and Girls Club

The Boys and Girls Club programs and services promote and enhance the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence. Six Flags Friends is happy to open our gates to the children of the Boys and Girls Club and provide a safe and friendly environment for them to share with each other.

Six Flags Magic Mountain is an active participant in the many activities that surround the local area Boys and Girls Club and is proud to be an active supporter of the children within our local communities. Through spearheading fundraising events, staging activities and enticing our guests to lend a helping hand, Six Flags Friends is committed to supporting the mission of the Boys and Girls Club.

On the second Saturday each June, the Boys and Girls Club has its largest fund-raising event of the season, generating funds that cover over 70% of the clubs’ annual operating costs. The park plays a major role in this night, spearheading the auction items and contributing volunteers. In the 25-plus years the Park has been actively involved in the auction, the Park has helped raise over $12 million for the Club.

Boys and Girls Club — Festival of Trees

Festival of Trees is an exciting community-wide holiday event in support of the Boys & Girls Club of Santa Clarita Valley. Each year, Magic Mountain participates by decorating a 12-foot Christmas tree for auction. Each tree is judged and auctioned off to the highest bidder. Six Flags Magic Mountain won the Grand Sweepstakes prize for best tree nine years in a row! All proceeds go to the Boys and Girls Club.

L.A. Regional Food Bank

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has worked to mobilize resources in the community to alleviate hunger and has distributed more than 1 billion pounds of food since its inception. Six Flags is proud to help in their mission to ensure that no one goes hungry in Los Angeles County by hosting an annual food drive in November when Six Flags Magic Mountain offers free admission to anyone who donates a FULL grocery bag of non-perishable food items (date subject to change without notice).  Over the past 17 years, the Bag-A-Ticket Food Drive has collected and donated nearly 250,000 pounds of food to the Food Bank.

Ticket Donations

The mission of Six Flags Friends is to deliver smiles and thrills to children and families across North America, from the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Six Flags Magic Mountain is pleased to assist qualified California non-profit organizations with their fundraising efforts with a once a year donation. Six Flags Magic Mountain prides itself on being involved in the community by helping local public non-profit organizations through in-kind donations of tickets.

Please make your request by completing our donation application. One of our park representatives will be in contact.

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