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à partir de 137,2 cm (54’’)
En face du Monstre

A demonic journey you will live to tell the tale!

The Demon promises you the ride of your life, and you have accepted the challenge of this adventurous trip. Originally called Turn of the Century, this high-speed looping coasting was one of the first roller coasters in the world to feature a double corkscrew. You start out on the train like most roller coasters, but soon realize that this terror is not your ordinary ride — or your friend. On this 2,130-foot-long devil, you immediately shoot through a dark tunnel heading toward a bright light, and are immediately thrust upward, climbing higher and higher up 10 stories. Suddenly without warning, you blast forward, down a steep drop and around a fierce loop.

This monster jets you through a series of treacherous-looking rock walls, over, and around another terrorizing vertical loop. As you pick up momentum, you’ll zoom through a deep rock cave lined with colored lights that blindingly flash and streak as you pass through, making you feel a little lightheaded as you rush by at 45 miles per hour.

Before you know it, you are skyrocketing forward through cave after cave and whipping around two corkscrew loops before coming to the end. Now you can say you’ve fought the haunting spirits of the Demon.

Fun Facts about Demon 

  1. Demon was originally named “Turn of The Century”
  2. It was reintroduced in 1980 after the addition of two vertical loops and theming.
  3. Demon is classified as a classic looping roller coaster.
  4. The ride travels through three tunnels.
  5. The Demon genus and species is classified as a member of the family, Coasterus Maximus.
  6. Gravity forces of +6 G’s can be felt on the first car going into the vertical loops.
  7. The average car has +2 G’s on the vertical loops.
  8. Demon is often youger thrill-seekers first looping coaster.
  9. The two corkscrews are 35 feet in diameter.
  10. Demon has its own theme song that can be heard on the POV video of the ride.

This attraction is presented by M&M’s®.

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Information de l'attraction

à partir de 137,2 cm (54’’)
En face du Monstre