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3 Useful Tips to Get You Into the Park Faster

Enter quickly to have fun sooner

We bet you want to get into the park as quickly as possible so you can start having fun even sooner. By preparing for the front gate ahead of time, your entry process will be a breeze. Follow these simple steps to help speed up your entry.

1. Buy your tickets online
When you buy your tickets in advance from our website, not only will you receive the best prices, but you’ll also save time when you arrive. You can print your tickets out at home and skip the ticket booth at the park. Be sure to also have your tickets out and ready to scan to save even more time.

2. Keep your items to a minimum
To pass through security more quickly, pack light and bring only a small bag. It will be easier to carry throughout the day. Consider putting all your items in a clear plastic bag to make it simpler to see all your items.

3. Arrive at the lighter times of the day
Check our park operating calendar to confirm the hours for the day you plan to visit. If you arrive a few minutes before the turnstiles open, you’ll beat the majority of the rush (and be the first to your favorite ride!). Most tired families will be winding down and heading through the exit, while you’re just beginning.

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