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3 Monster Shows at the Park This Fall

This fall, we’re hosting three sinful spectaculars you wouldn’t dare to miss. Howl along to the rattling of chainsaws and shake your bones to a stuffed Taxidermist you won’t find on the other side of the grave. Read on for a full guide of this year’s Monstertainment lineup. Check the Six Flags mobile app for up-to-date time schedules on the day of your visit.

1. The Awakening: Will you dare to defy the Reaper and its dreadful disciples when they arrive in the park? For the bravest… Meet at 5:30 pm in front of Nightmares Haunted House (near Jardin des Étoiles).

2. The Taxidermist: Our taxidermist is looking for new human souls to stuff. He and his assistant wander the streets in search of new bones, hair, bodies, and brains to make into their next experiment. Two of his horrific mutated creatures also roam the laboratory area.

3. Chainsaw Guys: You’ll hear our street entertainment before you can see them. Two maniacs with chainsaws will relentlessly haunt you throughout the park hoping to complete their collection of freshly cut human limbs.

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