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9 Fright by Night Attractions You’ll Never Forget

A lineup of our haunted houses and scare zones

This year’s Fright by Night lineup brings new characters, scarier themes, and more screams than ever before. In our creepy scare zones and terrorizing haunted houses, you’ll come face-to-face with some of your worst fears come to life. Purchase a Haunted House Wristband so you don’t miss out on any of the frightful attractions.

1. NEW! Zombie Trail – Free.
A makeshift camp, a dozen survivors who did not escape the epidemic… in this hostile environment. Don’t believe for a minute that you’re in a safe place!

2. NEW! The Taxidermist – Free.
A heartless taxidermist hangs out close to the main entrance of the park. He and his terrifying creations roam aimlessly, stalking new victims to stuff and steal their skin as they make their way across the area.

3. NEW! District 510 – In the Dark – Additional fee required.
This nightmare of horrors brings your worst fears to reality. Traverse haunted hallways and dreadful dead ends in pitch darkness. You’ll encounter some of the most terrifying fears known to man, but you won’t know exactly what’s hiding in the blackout.

4. Chainsaw Guys – Free.
Our two maniacal lumberjacks will follow you, taunt you, and terrorize you. The chainsaw blades are dripping blood and they’re hoping to make you their next chopped possession.

5. Death Row – Additional fee required.
We dare you to explore this abandoned prison, where murderous guards and unruly inmates haunt the hallways. Search the bloody jail cells and creepy death row room while trying to escape the terrors that lurk in the dark corridors.

6. Massacre Museum – Additional fee required.
Our eerie, dilapidated museum is owned by some vicious cold-hearted ghosts who love the smell of fresh fear. As you explore each dusty room and creepy artifact, the devilish souls will be waiting for you around every winding corner.

7. Demons – Free.
As soon as night falls, six mysterious demons are on the prowl in the park looking to satisfy their thirst for terror. Run for your life because their bloodstained fangs are out on the prowl for the fresh taste of blood.

8. The Doll’s House – Additional fee required.
Enter this doll house full of murderous toys and every step may be your last. Find your way through the nightmarish rooms and you’ll get up close to dismembered body parts and demonic living dolls that you’ll wish you never met.

9. Vampire Lair – Free
Blood-thirsty creatures haunt the lanes of this lair. The vampires are on the loose, watching your every move and ready to sink their fangs into your neck at any moment. Move quickly before they drain all your blood.

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