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Guest Safety

Guest Safety

“Safety is the foundation of our brand and livelihood of our industry, and we have every incentive from a reputational, moral and financial perspective to ensure our parks are as safe as they can possibly be.”

John Duffey
President and CEO

The safety and well-being of our guests and employees is our absolute highest priority and we invest the greatest amount of our resources into our maintenance and safety programs.
Every day, before the gates open to our guests, all rides and attractions are thoroughly inspected by maintenance technicians and operations staff. In addition to these inspections, each ride and attraction is put through a series of sessions that simulate different aspects of ride operations. Our rigorous maintenance efforts are an integral part of our daily safety routine.

In addition to the daily safety measures, Six Flags rides and attractions are routinely inspected by certified professional engineers and provincially-qualified safety inspectors. All Six Flags parks' maintenance programs are managed through a computer-based system that tracks daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities.

All employees who operate attractions at Six Flags parks receive training in both general safety protocols and specific safety requirements of the ride or attraction they operate. All training sessions use standardized materials from the ride manufacturer and include both classroom instruction and on-site (hands on) training. Ride operators must pass written exams, on-the-job assessments and ride simulation training before they are permitted to operate a ride or attraction.
Communication materials — located on our website, in the Park Map and Guide, and in front of the attractions — remind guests how to enjoy each ride or attraction safely.
All Six Flags rides and attractions meet a tough set of industry standards. From time to time, a ride may stop in the middle of a cycle with guests on board. Our rides are designed to stop at certain points in the ride cycle if the computer detects something is amiss. If this happens, the ride is doing exactly what it is programmed to do. The issue is generally resolved quickly and guests are on their way, however sometimes, such as during a power outage, we may need to manually unload guests from a ride. At Six Flags, since the safety or our guests and employees is our highest priority, we will never stop improving our safety measures through training and innovative technology.