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Coasters for a Cause
Group of People


You are the spokesperson or representative of an association and you want to organize activities for more thant 15 people? Whether it’s an educational association or a professional association and everything in between, let La Ronde be your event-planning partner helping you map out the fun from start to finish. Our amusement park is the perfect place for a unique and fun experience. What a better way to reward your members and their families with a day full of fun and laughter? From set up to clean up, we do all the work and you have all the fun.

Of course you'll likely want to build in some creative team building and networking activities and that's where all of our attractions come into play. From catered events to discount tickets, we can customize your perfect event. 

For more information on activities for your group of 15 persons and more, rates and additional offers (food, buffet, reception rooms, etc.), please contact the sales team at (514) 397-2001 ext. 2773.


We have many magnificent venues and outdoor sites to accommodate your group or to host all kinds of events.

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Groups of 15 persons and more can enjoy exclusive, private access to the park.

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Locate your favorite rides, see what’s nearby or just get a lay of the land.

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