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Additional offers

Enjoy exclusive, private access to the park for a truly unique experience!

La Ronde is the perfect venue where to organize your next event for groups of 15 people or more. We will put at your disposal a vast choice of spaces, facilities and services. Located near the City of Montreal, La Ronde offers a wide range of unique activities, which can be adapted according to your needs and the number of guests.

Group of 15 or more

  • Offer your group a unique experience at lunch or dinner

If you are a group of 15 people or more, you can reserve an area in the park for your lunch or dinner. your group to enjoy food, together, in a designated meal area. Our catering service offers several menu options: all-you-can-eat hamburgers and hot-dogs, pizza, and , etc. You can also buy coupons or La Ronde dollars and exchange them at the various restaurant counters in the park.

  • Behind the Scenes at La Ronde

Those interested in learning more about the functioning of the park now have the opportunity to take a guided tour and discover La Ronde behind the scenes. Participants in the guided tour enjoy an inside look at the rides’ operations and privileged access to areas and other places usually out of the public reach. During this visit, key members of La Ronde’s personnel share their vast knowledge of their specific area of expertise.

This unique experience is offered upon reservation only. Places are limited. Don’t miss this great opportunity! The group rate of this guided tour is $95/person, plus taxes. Please take note that this experience is only offered to groups of 15 to 20 people. Several groups can take this guided tour on the same day. The VIP parking, breakfast, the Behind the Scenes at La Ronde tour and one single visit ticket for each person are included in the price. Also, each person will receive for free a $10-value coupon they can spend in La Ronde’s restaurants or boutiques!

This guided tour usually takes place one hour before La Ronde opens for the general public, which means that after the guided tour, you will be the first guests to board your favourite rides!

  • Presentations, lectures, parties, and other celebrations

La Ronde puts at your disposal several rooms with a spectacular view and a unique and fun atmosphere! You can reserve a room for a lecture, a team building event for your company, a banquet, the launch of a product, a wedding, a Christmas party, etc. Your guests will be delighted by La Ronde’s original and relaxed environment!


Group of 200 or more

  • Pre-opening

If you are a group of 200 people or more, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy a unique VIP experience. Enjoy access to some rides during one or two hours before the park opens to the general public. The more people in your group, the more attractive is the price. Since we offer pre-opening access on an exclusive basis only, time slots are limited. Make sure to reserve your day at La Ronde as soon as possible!


Group of 5,000 or more

  • La Ronde Site

FOR YOUR GROUP ONLY: If you are a group of 5,000 people or more, you can live the ULTIMATE VIP experience. Reserve the whole site of La Ronde in exclusivity for your group! an out-of-the-ordinary experience. For instance, the waiting lines will be and everyone will be able to board more rides! Only a few dates are available. invite you to reserve three months in advance if you choose this option.

La Ronde’s team organizes more than 75 events every season. You can thus rest assured that we possess the expertise to offer you an experience that will meet all your expectations. Are you planning an event? La Ronde is the perfect venue!

For more information on the organization of private group events and about our additional offers, please contact the Sales Team at 514 397-2001 ext. 2773.