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La Ronde will open its door soon! Stay tuned, more details to come.


Thrill Rides

Looking for thrills? Well, you've found them.You have found some of the fastest, tallest, wildest, most gut-wrenching rides in the country; including a few record breakers. Only at La Ronde!


  • Near the Condor

    Minimum Height: 121.9 cm (48")

    All hands on deck for a wild high seas adventure!

  • Near the Manitou

    Minimum Height: 121.9 cm (48") with adult

    Race down a trio of high-speed loops, then boomerang all the way back to the start – backwards.

  • Chaos, a seven story, chaotic loop roller coaster.

  • In front of Le Monstre

    Minimum Height: 137.2 cm (54")

    A giant devilish ride that will turn your body upside down in unpredictable ways!

  • Minimum Height: 132.1 cm (52")

    Dare to face a real sea monster?

  • Minimum Height: 137.2 cm (54")

    Ride a mile of ultra slim, ultra fast track over hyper sized loops and twists. Are you brave enough?

  • Minimum Height: 132.1 cm (52")

    This masterpiece moves like a huge pendulum!

  • Near the Super Manège

    Minimum Height: 132.1 cm (52")

    Climb aboard the tallest two-track wooden roller coaster in the whole World!

  • Near Vol Ultime

    Minimum Height: 132.1 cm (52")

    Ready for a rocket launch up to space?

  • Additional Fee Required
    Minimum Height: 111.8 cm (44")

    Become a human slingshot when you are catapulted!

  • Minimum Height: 106.7 cm (42")

    Plunge headfirst into the supreme wave!

  • Minimum Height: 132.1 cm (52")

    A swinging, dizzying adventure atop a giant swaying pendulum!

  • Near the Cobra

    Minimum Height: 137.2 cm (54")

    The Vampire takes you on a menacing ride of relentless loops and twists!

  • Minimum Height: 121.9 cm (48")

    Defying gravity aboard Vertigo!

  • Minimum Height: 132,1 cm (52")

    Canada’s First Ever Free-Fly Roller Coaster at La Ronde!

  • Minimum Height: 111.8 cm (44") with adult

    You will literally have the world at your feet!

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