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Ourson Fripon

Have you ever wondered how bears get honey from trees? Get ready to meet Ourson Fripon!

Bears love the taste of honey for a fact! They are willing to make it to the top of trees to get it! Your charming little ones will have lots of fun aboard this vertical ride that climbs seven meters high.

Young ones sit on a long bench under a big brown bear and are brought up to the tops in order to distract the bees. Be careful because bees are not the sharing type! They will try to stop any thief trying to steal their honey. They are experts at knocking the bear to the ground which causes the ride to go up and down for a couple of minutes.

This ride is perfect for young thrill seekers. Riders may not be buzzing, but they certainly will have a good laugh! Will your next step be the Orbite?

Kids Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

91.4 cm (36")
Not accessible to 137.2 cm (54") and more
Location in Park: 
USA & Looney Tunes USA
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