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Joyeux Moussaillons

These boats were made for sailing!

Join your favorite sailing crew aboard Joyeux Moussaillons. No one is too old to take off on a cruise! These wooden boats were designed for the little ones to explore the famous wavy river located in Ribambelle's Land.

Each of these boats may welcome up to 6 sailors at a time! Will you be able to catch a fish? Mommy would be so proud! Have you seen this magnificiant landscaping art by the river. Wow what a view! However, be careful when hitting each curve while on your boat.

This family ride is one of 6 fully functionning ride from 1967's World Exhibition held Montreal. Many sailors and ship captains have made their first steps into the sailing world!

By The Numbers

Arrow Dynamics Inc.
Year introduced:
Track Length:
307 feet
Kids Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
Less than 91.4 cm (36") must be accompanied by an adult
Location in Park: 

Pays de Ribambelle

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