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6 Insider Secrets for an Amazing Day at the Park

How to make the most of your visit

Our La Ronde insiders share their best advice to having a great visit to the park. Their tips will help you plan your visit, enjoy more rides, and stay comfortable during the day. These ideas from the pros will help you make the most of your day and ensure you have a fun experience.

1. Take a photo of your parking spot.
When you park, take a digital photo of the sign closest to your car. After a long day, you may not remember where you parked. Simply scroll through the photos you’ve taken that day and find the one of the parking lot. Just head straight over to that sign to avoid spending time wandering around aimlessly looking for your car.

2. Work the park from back to front.
Our experts tell us the most efficient way to navigate the park is back to front. Many people head straight to the attractions they pass as they walk in. If you skip those and make your way to the back first, you’ll beat the rush that makes it there later in the day. In the time you save, you’ll be able to hit up more rides! Plus, you’ll be right near the front gate when it’s time to go home.

3. Bring a waterproof bag for your belongings.
You don’t want to lug around a heavy backpack during your trip, so only bring the necessities for the day. Put your cell phone, money, and any important items in a clear plastic bag. This will not only make it easier to scan your belongings when you enter the front gate, but it will also make them easier to carry around with you without having loose items. Additionally, if you decide to cool off on water rides, the waterproof bag will keep all your personal items dry.

4. If you have kids, put your contact information in their pocket.
When visiting the park with young children, it’s important to plan ahead. Write your contact information on an index card and put it in their pocket in case you get separated. When you arrive, point out to your kids how the employees are dressed and tell them to find one of them for help. Also, pick an easy-to-find meeting spot for your party to check in during the day.

5. Eat at non-traditional dining hours.
Taking a few moments to re-energize will help you stay refreshed so you can tackle more rides without getting worn out. Plan your schedule accordingly so you can spend less time waiting for meals. Eat lunch and dinner a little earlier or later than the “normal” time. This will allow you to be out riding while everyone else is eating. Then, when you’re ready to eat, you’ll miss the mealtime rush and save time, getting out to more rides as quickly as possible.

6. Buy your tickets online.
Plan ahead for the day you want to visit, and be sure to review our website to prepare for the day. Our website offers the best deal on admission tickets, so you can save time and money at the park. You’ll be able to save $15Plus, you can print your tickets at home so when you arrive at the park, you’ll skip the ticket booth and head straight to the front gate – getting you in to rides faster.

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