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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Dive Bomber: Get Ready for an Unexpected Plunge

Experience a Seven Story Free Fall

It is going to take some real guts to muster up the courage to enjoy the Dive Bomber at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor this summer but it’ll be so worth it. Those brave enough to face their biggest fears are definitely in for a real treat, not to mention a major adrenaline rush, plummeting seven-stories – that’s right, seven-whole-stories! – down an alarming near-vertical free-fall slide featuring Skybox technology.

The aptly named Dive Bomber water slide will surely have guests yelling “Bombs Away!” all summer long. Brave daredevils will step into the slide’s skybox capsule and slowly count to three, at which point the floor beneath their feet will literally drop, plummeting them into a harrowing free-fall at speeds of up to 20 mph down a mind-blowing 80 degree drop before plunging them into more than five feet of water. Shrieks are sure to be heard throughout the park, so make sure you bring your best.

For those who aren't quite so brave, this drop slide will be almost as much fun to watch as it is to ride. Are you brave enough to take on Dive Bomber?

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