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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Mega Wedgie

Forget About Your Shorts Give Your Brain a Wedgie!

Once you stop giggling about the name, it’s time to get serious for a truly unique slick-sliding experience — the Mega Wedgie! This insane construction is named after a certain phenomenon that occurs when your shorts go where they’re not supposed to. But with walls this steep and slippery, you’ll probably be more worried about the mental wedgie you’ll receive from this mind-scrambling wet-fest.

Once you load onto a special puffy long raft built for two, you’ll plunge over the edge into a vast U-shaped half pipe you might be more accustomed to seeing in a skate park. But no skater ever tried a trick like this. This half pipe is 83 feet tall, and you’ll be rushing down – and up — its walls at 23 miles per hour, along with countless gallons of blasting water. You’ll plummet down the four story walls just in time to race up the other side.

That feeling you’ll get in your belly on the first ultra swift fall and rise are more like what you’d expect on one of the mega roller coasters over at Six Flags Over Texas. A straight drop is a straight drop, whether you’re wet or not. Back and forth you’ll go on this mad dash to nowhere, making a giant wedgie in the sky!

By The Numbers

Thrill Ride
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

600 lbs. maximum weight
Location in Park: 

Near Boogie Beach


Need a Swimsuit
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