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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

Lazy River

Set Adrift and Let the River Do All the Work.

What's the rush? You deserve some rest and relaxation, and what better place to find it than on a Lazy River cruise. This slow-moving water trail, at a depth of only 3 ½ feet, weaves around the park and is just what you need when it is time to slow down and enjoy life at a mellow pace. Set sail on a tour of Hurricane Harbor, destination: relaxation.

Hop on a raft and let the gentle current do all the work. You'll see all the sights, like Black Hole and Der Stuka towering off in either direction, as you cruise at three miles per hour along the slow-flow ride. The river also passes Suntan Lagoon and part of Boogie Beach.

Sure there's plenty of time to get off the raft and splash around with your friends. Or you could just do what a lazy river was designed for— kick back, put on some shades, and take a long, relaxing rest on the water, with nothing to get between you and total tranquility.

By The Numbers

Weller Pools
Family Ride
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Near Surf Lagoon

Need a Swimsuit
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