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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
New Jersey
Water Park - Guest Relaxing in Tube
Guests in Taak It Eez Ee Creek on Opening Day

Ways to Relax at Hurricane Harbor

Take a break from the action to sit back and unwind

Hurricane Harbor has plenty of wet and wild slides and splashy action. However, when you’re ready to relax, just hop on a raft or a lounge chair and get ready to soak up the sun. Consider these gentle activities to unwind and take it easy at the park.

1. Lounge back at the Blue Lagoon.
When you want to catch some rays, grab a chair along the coast of the Blue Lagoon. Our shaded deck has plenty of comfortable places to sit back and soak up the sun with an icy beverage, put on some shades and take a rejuvenating nap, and watch all the refreshing splashy action around you. What’s even better is that when you’re done relaxing and ready for action, you can step into the adjacent one-million-gallon activity pool, with waves, geysers, fountains, and waterfalls.

2. Float around the Taak It Eez Ee Creek.
Grab a raft and take a scenic cruise around the Taak It Eez Ee Creek. Our easy-going 700,000-gallon river flows at a gentle pace, so you can glide around the park with no effort on your part. Grab a tube and put your feet up as the current pushes you past lush foliage, alongside wild waterfalls and rapids, and under shady bridges, while you drift away to tranquility.

3. Relax in a shaded cabana.
For the VIP treatment, reserve your own shaded canopy. Each cabana includes a private area with a table and chairs, two lounge chairs, storage lockers, tube rental, and family meals. You can also upgrade your cabana to include Satellite TV, an electric fan, and a refrigerator. Each cabana can hold up to eight guests, and there are different packages available depending on your desired level of relaxation and luxury treatment. Rent your cabana online or early at Guest Services.

4. Splash around Discovery Bay.
If you want to continue splashing around, but in a less extreme manner, our family-friendly play area is thrilling for little swimmers and relaxing for adults. This water playground is loaded with shallow splash areas, drenching buckets, miniature slides, misting waterfalls, net ladders, and fun attractions that are easy to conquer—and will still keep you soaked and cool.

5. Grab a delicious snack and cold beverage.
Swimming and sliding can really work up an appetite. You can rest up for a bit while you enjoy a mouthwatering meal at an umbrella-covered picnic table. Grab a juicy slice of pizza at Kukookachoos Kafe or a grilled hamburger at Aquatopia Café, and wash it down with ice cold refreshments from Island Drinks. You can also rejuvenate from the heat with tasty frozen treats from Island Temptations and Happy Snacks.

How do you relax at the water park?

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