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Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Six Flags Hurricane Harbor
Los Angeles
Tiki Falls
Forgotten Sea Wave Pool

Favorite Ride at Hurricane Harbor

Guests tell us their favorite water park ride

Hurricane Harbor is the perfect place to make a splash and cool off from the hot summer sun. But with so many slides and play areas to choose from, how do you find the activity that’s best for you? We asked our guests to tell us their favorite attraction at the water park, and here’s what they said.

We found that many guests enjoy calm areas where the whole family can splash around together, like the Forgotten Sea Wave Pool—our refreshing wave pool that holds 480,000 gallons of water and features two-foot waves. Haydee A. from Los Angeles says the wave pool “feels like the ocean.” Alma L. from Santa Paula enjoys the pool “especially when you have an inner tube because it’s super relaxing,” and Sujey Q. from Phoenix agrees, “You get to relax in the wave pool, and it’s so cool when the waves come on.” Splash Island is another family splash area, and Kat J. from Los Angeles explains, “I can relax with the little ones, and it works as a good home base for our family.”

Another family favorite is the Lost Temple Rapids, an adventurous rafting journey across 560 feet of twists and turns. Thomas H. from Simi Valley explains, “It gives a great feeling of being on the river, even though you are in Southern California.” Robbin M. from Las Vegas says Lost Temple Rapids is “a safe family adventure to bond and enjoy.” Rochel R. from Los Angeles tells us, “My whole family enjoys floating and swimming through the Lazy River Cruise, and it is a good way to get around the park, like a wet highway.” What an interesting idea, Rochel!

Other guests enjoy getting a thrill and speeding down our slippery slides. Jose M. from Orange recommends Tiki Falls because it’s “almost like being on an island… a cost-friendly ocean vacation in the middle of a water park.” Tornado, our 60-foot-tall slippery water funnel, is another thrilling favorite. According to Jennifer J. from Bakersfield, Tornado “is a group ride… hitting every sensation you want on a water ride.” Mark R. from Los Angeles adds, “You can ride with your friends, it’s exciting, a little scary, and hysterical when you’re the one caught going down the drop backwards.” Mark N. from Lakewood also enjoys Tornado because “The drop. The vortex. Wow. What isn’t to love?”

What’s your favorite water ride at Hurricane Harbor and why is it your favorite?

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