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Diversity & Inclusion

Six Flags is committed to creating an inclusive environment that fully embraces the diversity of our team members and guests, regardless of ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation. We will not tolerate racism, discrimination, or hateful behavior in any form. Diversity and inclusion provide the foundation for a sustainable and healthy business; more importantly, they are simply the values we should all uphold. In order to achieve measurable results through sustained commitments, we will integrate diversity and inclusion into our entire business agenda with deliberate actions. We will listen to our shareholders, team members, and guests to ensure that our actions are relevant, resourced, and results-oriented. We will also measure our results at all levels of our organization.

Our go-forward plans will focus on five key areas:

  1. LISTEN. We are creating a Diversity and Inclusion Council comprised of our team members to provide me, as CEO, direct feedback on how we are doing and what we can do to improve.
  2. TRAIN. We are conducting robust training on diversity and inclusion for all of our team members, including dedicated sessions with our top 200 leaders on understanding the business rationale, identifying unconscious biases, and learning how to lead open and honest conversations with our team members.
  3. ADDRESS UNCONSCIOUS BIASES. We have updated our grooming, social media, and hiring policies. We are also reviewing and correcting any and all branded names, park attractions, and infrastructure that might be offensive in any way to our guests and team members. We expect our social media partners to model the same values.
  4. BUILD A DIVERSE TEAM..We will establish a leadership team that represents the diversity of our marketplace. We are reviewing and updating our recruiting, people planning, and talent management programs to foster more objective processes for all team members. We aspire to have a workforce that represents the population of our markets and to improve leadership representation by hiring and mentoring individuals from those groups who have been underrepresented.
  5. PARTNER WITH COMMUNITIES. We will proactively work with minority suppliers to develop long-term alliances. We will pledge up to $5 million in investments and ticket value by the end of 2022 toward programs dedicated to equality and the socioeconomic advancement of people of color.

We all must do our part to end systemic racism and social injustice. We will hold ourselves accountable to our plans and objectives, ensuring that we cultivate an environment where everyone is valued, respected, and heard. Six Flags is committed to making a positive difference.

Selim Bassoul
President & CEO
Six Flags Entertainment Corporation
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