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Water park Information

Come on in, the water’s fine! Check out the waves at Hurricane Harbor. Bring your bathing suit and take the plunge; the water park’s included in the price of admission!


  • Please keep an eye on your young children, they should not be left unattended.
  • Please do not bring coolers and/or glass containers to the park.
  • To make sure you have a safe experience, height, weight, and health restrictions are strictly enforced.
  • For water safety, make sure non-swimmers are accompanied by an adult who can swim.
  • Casts are not permitted on any slide in Hurricane Harbor.  Waterproof casts are permitted in Adventure River, Hurricane Bay, and the pools in Buccaneer Beach and Splashwater Island.
  • Please do not wear eyeglasses or jewelry in pools, as they may not be retrievable if lost during operation.
  • Face masks are not allowed in the water.
  • Since it can get so slippery, running is not allowed anywhere in the water park.
  • Smoking is prohibited in Hurricane Harbor.
  • During periods of high activity, it may become necessary to briefly close pools to maintain water clarity.
  • Swimming in Hurricane Bay can be physically tiring; therefore, it will close for 15 minutes every hour.
  • Capacity is limited, so the park may not be available to all guests during peak times.


To participate in the water park activities, you must wear proper swimsuits. The following is NOT permitted on the rides and in the water:

  • Provocative swimwear is not allowed. All swimsuits must be appropriate for a family environment.
  • Long Pants, Jeans or cutoffs are not allowed.
  • Swimwear with rivets, buckles, zippers or any metal ornamentation is prohibited.
  • Toddlers in diapers must wear an approved waterproof diaper (available at Trade Winds).
  • All children must be in appropriate swimwear.
  • Shoes, proper shorts, and cover-up attire are all required when returning to the theme park.


A limited number of Cabanas are available for rent. You will love the VIP treatment, not to mention the tropical setting of our luxurious, private cabanas. Cabanas are located next to Hurricane Bay and provide a fantastic, relaxing place to escape the crowds when needed. Just ask about the cabanas when you arrive or rent yours online now.


Click here to view all operating hours.


Guests who are not fully confident in their swimming ability should wear a life vest. A life vest makes everyone feel more comfortable in the water and it’s always better to be safe than sorry. They are free of charge and available at most water attractions on a first come, first serve basis. If you choose to bring your own personal flotation safety device, it must be U.S. Coast Guard-approved.


If you don’t feel like lugging your belongings around all day, locker rental is available. Just head over to Noah’s Bathhouse Lockers.


Rides that require tubes have them available at the attraction. Please use yours once, then hand it to the next person in line. If you want to rent a personal tube for the whole day, you can pick one up at the raft rental building. For your safety, no outside recreational flotation devices are allowed in The Great Escape & Hurricane Harbor.


Hurricane Harbor has a vast array of fantastic rides and attractions. Each guest assumes the ordinary physical risk associated with normal operation of such rides and attractions.


Don’t forget to bring sunscreen or apply it before your visit!
To help prevent heat exhaustion, avoid overexertion and drink plenty of water.

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