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Six Flags Great America
Six Flags Great America
Chicago, Illinois
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Any Day Math & Science / Physics Day

Come to our outdoor learning lab!

If one of our specific educational event dates doesn’t work for you we offer our Any Day Math & Science / Physics Days. Visit any regularly scheduled operating day April 25 – June 14 and utilize our workbooks and online resources to help you plan the perfect trip.

Physics is all around you at a theme park. It's what makes our rides work! From G-forces to acceleration and velocity, your students will be able to apply classroom materials to real world applications. 

Order your Tickets

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Educational Tools - Make Six Flags Great America your Outdoor Learning Lab

Six Flags Great America is not only the entertainment capital of the world but also a unique outdoor learning lab. We have designed specific learning materials for both students and teachers that gives experiential learning a new meaning. Let Six Flags be your outdoor learning lab and use the free materials below to plan lessons and make learning fun. What's cooler than calculating (or experiencing) the velocity of the American Eagle?

Educational Resources

Download the following resources below:

Six Flags Great America recommended amusement park physics websites for further learning:

The Physics Classroom


Physics Education

Physics Vest Data

Be sure to check back for your vest data! Information will be updated here after the event concludes. 


With additional questions on this special event, please call 847-249-1952. 

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Educational Event

April 25 - June 14

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