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Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Payment Related Questions 

I think my most recent payment was declined! What should I do?

1. Log into

2. Your account status will be displayed. If the most recent payment says "Declined" and/or if the space marked "upcoming payment" is in the past, then your most recent payment was declined and you will need to bring it up to date.

To bring your payment up-to-date (and reactivate your Membership):

1. Select the green button labeled "Make a Payment"

2. Enter your credit card information and press "Process"

3. Your account will be immediately reactivated.

If the old card you have on file (the one that didn't work) needs to be replaced, follow the instructions shown above under "How do I change the credit card that is used to charge my payment each month?" at least three days prior to your next payment.

If you are run into any technical issues call (407) 261-4290.

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What happens if my payment doesn't go through?

Your Memberships will be automatically deactivated. We will immediately email you and call you. We will then attempt to charge your credit card again (the following day). If that attempt fails, we will email you again and then attempt to charge your card for both the current month and for the past due amount. If that charge does not go through, you will have 15 more days to correct the situation (as described above).
After your account has been delinquent for 45 days, your passes will be permanently deactivated and you will be charged the termination fee which is equal to the unpaid compulsory period balance.

Can a Membership be paid off in advance?

Not in the way you think. While a program such as Easy Pay allows you to spread out your payments over the course of several months (like a car loan), a Membership is paid for each month in advance (like a cable bill or gym membership). While it is true that individuals who sign up for Memberships commit to staying in the program for a minimum of 12 months, each month's payment is made in advance.


Can I prepay for several months at a time? Can I prepay for my first 12 months?

Not at this time. At present, each month is billed according to your monthly payment schedule.

Can I change the credit card information for only one Member on my account?

To change the credit card associated with your Membership, follow these four steps:

1. Log into

2. Select "My Account" from the bar at the top

3. Where it says "Card on File" press the "Edit" button.

4. Enter a new credit card and press "Update"

Changes in method of payment must be made at least three days prior to the regular payment date to ensure that they take effect prior to your next scheduled payment.

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Can I make a CASH payment for my Membership?

We are unable to accept cash Membership payments at this time. Payments must be made via credit card or PayPal.

Do I get charged a processing fee on my monthly payments?

No. Although there is an initial processing fee when you sign up for your Membership, we do not charge you additional processing fees on your monthly payments.

Can you take my payment over the phone?

All payments should be made via the Six Flags Online Payment Portal at

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How do I change the credit card that is used to charge my payments each month?

To change the credit card associated with your Membership, follow these four steps:

1. Log into

2. Select "My Account" from the bar at the top

3. Where it says "Card on File" press the "Edit" button.

4. Enter a new credit card and press "Update"

Changes in method of payment must be made at least three days prior to the regular payment date to ensure that they take effect prior to your next scheduled payment.

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On what day of each month will my credit card be charged?

The date we charge you each month depends on what day of the month you initially signed up for your Membership. To see when your next payment will occur, follow these steps.

1. Log into

2. The date of your next ("upcoming") payment will be displayed on the right.

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How can I tell if my account is current (paid up to date)?

Log into If the most recent completed payment is marked "Declined" and/or if the space marked "upcoming payment" is in the past, then your account is in arrears and you need to update your credit card information.

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Do I have to send in my payment each month?

No. We will automatically charge the Paypal account or credit card account you provided us with when you signed up.

Canceling Memberships 

If I don't cancel my Membership at the end of 12 months will it automatically renew?

After your initial 12-month commitment, your Membership is month-to-month and you can cancel at any time.

When does my Membership end?

That's up to you. You may cancel your Membership anytime after the first 12 months.

How do I cancel my Membership?

To cancel your Six Flags membership

You may schedule your Membership for cancellation any time after the first 12 months. You must initiate the cancellation process at least two weeks prior to your final payment (45 days before the date you want your Membership to end). Please note that Memberships may only be cancelled using the link shown above -- memberships cannot be cancelled at the park, over the phone, or through email. 

Can I cancel my Membership before the end of my initial 12 month commitment?

Memberships may not be cancelled during the first 12 months. If you terminate your account during the first 12 months you will be subject to the termination fee described in your agreement.

About Memberships 

How can I bring a friend for free?

On your first visit to the park your membership card will be loaded with the "Bring a Friend Free" offers. This offer can be used on select dates. Be sure to bring your card (along with your friend, of course). You and your friend must enter the park turnstiles together when your Pass card is first scanned for the day.

When do the memberships expire?

Your Membership will not expire until you cancel it. You may cancel your Membership at any time after the first 12 months. Stay for 12 months, 18 months, 25 months, 5's up to you!

How many times can I visit with a Membership?

A Membership allows you to visit the park an unlimited number of times whenever the park is open. It also comes with a variety of benefits described on the Membership sales page.

How are Memberships the same as Season Passes?

Memberships have all of the same in-park benefits as Season Passes -- Members receive unlimited admission to the park, in-park discounts, free admission to other Six Flags theme parks, free tickets for friends and all of the other benefits described on our Season Pass page.

How are Memberships different from Season Passes?

Memberships don't expire. A Season Pass expires at the end of the current park "season" (the date that the park closes for the current year). A Membership will not expire until you decide to cancel it. (Membership are eligible for cancellation after the first 12 months.) Added bonus: Members can keep their Six Flags Membership cards from one year to the next and never need to get a new ID made at the park.
Memberships have a low monthly cost. Season Passes must be purchased and paid for in advance via one upfront payment. Memberships are paid for one month at a time over the course of the year. With Memberships we charge your credit card at the beginning of each Membership month.
Memberships may be cancelled any time after 12 months. Once a Season Pass is purchased it cannot be cancelled or returned. A Membership may be cancelled any time after the first 12 months.
Memberships let you keep receiving special offers or discounts forever. When you buy a Season Pass that includes free parking or a free upgrade to Gold, you only retain that free upgrade for one season. With a Membership, you get to keep the benefits of the free upgrade as long as you keep your Membership. A Membership purchased with free parking will always have free parking.

Purchasing Memberships 

Can Memberships be purchased at the park?

Yes, Memberships can be purchased at the park as well as online.

Can I include other items on my Membership?

Depending on the park, various Membership add-ons are available. Membership Parking is available at all of the theme parks. Membership Dining (which allows guests to eat every time they visit the park) is also available at all parks. Membership add-ons are offered for sale in the store when you order your Membership.

Is there a processing fee on every payment or just the first payment?

Just the first payment. After you pay your initial processing fee you will not be charged any additional processing fees as long as you keep your Membership.

How quickly does a Membership become active after I sign up?

Membership benefits are active immediately after you complete the online signup process. You can use your Membership at the park on the same day you buy it.

Security Deposits 

What is the benefit of leaving a refundable security deposit?

Your monthly Membership fee will be lower if you provide us with a security deposit. Given that your security deposit will be returned to you at the time you cancel your membership, you can save a significant amount of money over the long term by providing us with a security deposit.

What is the benefit of not leaving a refundable security deposit?

The benefit of not leaving a security deposit is that your upfront costs are lower – although it is important to realize that your monthly payments and overall cost of ownership will be higher. That’s because people who leave a security deposit pay a lower monthly rate PLUS they get a full refund on their security deposit when they cancel their Membership.

How will I get my security deposit back?

Your entire security deposit will be credited to the charge card (or PayPal account) you used to make your monthly Membership payments. So if you had us charge your Visa card every month for your Membership fees, we will return your security deposit to your Visa card.

Can I get my security deposit returned to me in the form of a cash refund?

No. We are only able to return your security deposit as a credit on the charge card or PayPal account you use to make your monthly Membership fees.

Under what specific circumstances does someone forfeit their security deposit?

We’d like to be able to return all security deposits, but there are certain circumstances in which we cannot. These are described in very clearly and in detail in your Membership agreement. There are three circumstances under which security deposits are forfeit: 1) failure to make all of one's Membership payments up until the time one's Membership is cancelled; 2) becoming one or more months behind on one's Membership payments; 3) having one or more of the Membership passes on an account permanently revoked as a result of some indiscretion committed in the park.

Are there any deductions or special fees that will be charged against my security deposit before you return it to me?

No. Unless you forfeit your security deposit as described above (or more specifically, in your contract) we will return to you your entire security deposit without any deductions or special charges.

My monthly payment was late because my credit card expired. I updated my information, but does that mean I lose my security deposit?

As long as you correct a declined payment within 30 days you will not forfeit your security deposit. Even if this happens to you multiple times you will still not lose your security deposit unless you fail to correct the situation within 30 days.

Will you pay me interest on my security deposit?

No. Unlike some real estate security deposits in some states, a Membership security deposit does not pay interest. At the time we refund you your security deposit it will be for exactly the amount you provided us when you signed up for your Membership.

What is a refundable security deposit (as it applies to Membership)?

For many of our Membership products we provide you with the opportunity to pay a lower monthly rate in exchange for leaving us a refundable security deposit. Leaving a security deposit is not required, but it will lower your monthly rate and it will reduce your overall cost of Membership. PLUS we will return your full security deposit to you at the time you cancel your Membership.

Am I required to leave a refundable security deposit?

No, a refundable security deposit is not required to sign up for a Membership. However, if you provide us with a security deposit your monthly price will be lower.

Upgrading Memberships 

Will I receive a refund for my initial order?

No refunds will be applied if your Memberships have previously been used at the park. Six Flags may offer a refund if your Memberships were purchased during the same period in which you executed your upgrade.

Can I upgrade my Membership at the park?

Yes, you can upgrade your membership at the park as well as online.

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Can I upgrade my regular Membership to a Gold Membership or Combo Membership?

Upgrading your Membership from a less expensive Membership to a more expensive Membership is possible. Please follow the instructions on the Membership Support Site.

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What happens if I am charged twice in a month: once for my old Membership and again for my new upgraded Membership?

In the unlikely event that you upgrade and your old Membership is not properly cancelled, please submit a note to our Report Billing Issue page. Be sure to include both your old and new account numbers. We will rectify the issue as quickly as possible and refund you any money you are due.

Report Billing Issue

Can I downgrade my Membership from a Gold Membership to a regular Membership? Can I downgrade from a Combo Membership to a regular Membership?

Downgrades are not possible at this time.

How long does it take for an upgrade to become active?

Your “upgraded” Membership will be active immediately after you complete step #2. The process of cancelling your previous order may take several business days to complete.

Managing Memberships 

Where (or how) do I manage my Membership?

To manage your Six Flags Membership please visit the Member Support Center. From there you will find all of the tools you need to make the most of your Membership.

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I lost my Membership card. Where can I get another?

Replacement Membership cards are available at the park. Stop by Guest Services (bring a picture ID) and they will provide you with specific instructions. A replacement fee is required for lost cards.

Can I transfer my Membership to someone else?

No. Memberships are assigned to specific individuals and cannot be transferred or shared.

Can I use my Membership Pass for more than one season?

Yes! You can hold on to your Membership as long as you like, for as many seasons as you like. It will continue to be valid until you cancel it.

Do I need to renew my Membership every year?

No. A Six Flags Membership pass never needs to be renewed. It will continue until you cancel it.

How do I access the park for the current season?

Your current Membership card is valid at the park as long as you remain a Member. You never need to get a new card.

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