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Jackson, New Jersey
Enchanted Teacups

Enchanted Teacups

Get Your Spin On in this Whirling Tea Party Spin-A-Thon!

Feel like sitting down to a nice, civilized cup of tea? Well this tea party will be anything but civilized! This spinning, whirling, roundabout disorienting ride will have you seeing double! Climb into one of the 12 oversized, ornately painted teacups with five friends. But be warned, these are no ordinary teacups!
Well party people, you’re in for a triple-spinning-action treat! Each group of three cups spin scrumptiously in a circle, then the whole floor turns around the center. If that’s still not enough spin for you, grab the wheel in front of you and give it a twist to make your cup spin a little faster! That’s like a spin on top of a spin on top of a spin! You control the pace of your spins, and the faster you turn the wheel, the faster you rotate. Soon you’ll be revolving in circles so fast you won’t know your left from your right. Feeling a little dizzy? It’s very difficult to maintain sophisticated tea party manners under these conditions. We suggest you do what comes naturally — just hang on and have fun!

For your safety, no loose articles including cell phones are permitted on Enchanted Teacups. All loose articles must be secured in a button or zipped pocket, locker or with a non-rider.

Thrill Level

Minimum Height

None with adult
42" to ride alone, no lap children permitted
Location in Park: 
Fantasy Forest
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