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Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure & Safari
Jackson, New Jersey

Déjà Vu

I Get the Funny Feeling I’ve Spun Like This Before!

The return of a classic contraption may have you doing a double-take, but whether it’s your first time or you’re an old pro, this classic scrambler is guaranteed to get the job done. First this classic scramble ride will spin you round and round, and then it’ll put a spin on the spin!
You will become a one-person rotation station when you slide into one of 12 sleek golden pods, all connected in groups of four to a center rotating arm. When that arm starts to spin, the fun begins!
Once you’re turning around the center, we give the whole contraption a twist that begins to scramble your vision! Each cluster then pivots on its own axis, creating a spin within a spin that will have you plastered to the edge of your seat. You’re circling around the middle while the other riders circle around you — you’ll get wobbly just thinking about it.
The world rushes at you from all directions, zooming forward while you contort around the center in a whirlwind of heavy duty swerves. You’ll be spun around so many times you won’t remember if you’ve been here before. You will definitely have the time of your life. Just don’t expect to be able to walk in a straight line for a little while.

For your safety, no loose articles including cell phones are permitted on Déjà Vu. All loose articles must be secured in a button or zipped pocket, locker or with a non-rider.

Thrill Level

Minimum Height

36" with adult
48" to ride alone
Location in Park: 
Adventure Alley
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