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Join us for a Frontier City Scavenger Hunt for Pass Holders!

 Join us at Thunderbird Plaza 12-4 PM to register your team and start hunting. Be back by 4:05 PM as we announce prizes and winners! To get tickets to enter the drawing have photos of each of the following answers to show our staff. (One ticket per completed scavenger hunt) 

Thrill Seeker Scavenger Hunt

1. Where does Rocky the Raccoon shower before the park opens?

2. Don’t look here, but if you do you’ll see…

3. What is the cash reward you can receive for the outlaws on the bounty hunt wall?

4. Who owns the funeral parlor?

5. How much can you win from the poker tournament?

6. Who owns the sauna & spa?

7. Who owns the strongest and safest dynamite explosive known to the arts?

8. What time do you depart to get to Crack Axel Canyon?

Junior Thrill Seeker Scavenger Hunt

1. Let’s go find Oklahoma’s state animal! It is all around the park. Where can you find one?

2. What’s one thing the Brain Drain can cure you of?

3. There’s little critters all in Timbertown. At what ride does Frankie hang out?

4. Let’s take a ride to Fort Frontier—what time do we leave?

5. Where can you go to climb, slide, and play?

6. This is where you can see a gunfight take place here at Frontier City!

7. Let’s go see tigers, zebras, and dragons at the _________.

8. Take aim, and see who can get the highest score on this ride!

*While supplies last

*Pass holders must present their cards to take part in the festivities. Pass perks are non-transferable.

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