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Rockville Mini Museum

While at the park, match the number posted on the display item at the Rockville Mini Museum to the number in the Mini Museum Key below for more info about that item.

The Rockville Mini Museum is located in the storefront window outside of Candy Storm in the Rockville section of the park.

Mini Museum Key

  1. Cheerleading Pom Poms: Since park opening in 1992, these pom poms have been used in Rockville High entertainment shows.
  2. Cheerleader picture: This picture was taken of the cheerleaders cast from the 2000 production show of Rockin’ at Rockville High.
  3. Megaphone: From the 1992 entertainment show, Rockin’ at Rockville High, this megaphone has been used as a prop for countless of shows in Rockville High.
  4. Rockville Reflections Sign: From 2002-2007, Fiesta Texas proudly presented Reflections at Rockville High. The show represented the era of the 50s with songs of the century.
  5. Rockville Costumes: Costumes worn by the performers of the Rockville High shows starting all the way back in 1992.
  6. Rockin’ at Rockville Pictures: Original pictures of the opening cast of , Rockin’ at Rockville High in 1992.
  7. Rockville News: Given in the 2000s, this original Rockville memo was given to guests attending a Rockville High entertainment show.
  8. Pictures of Rockville’ Street Show: Framed pictures from an original entertainment show in Rockville, that featured 50s inspired singers that performed in the streets of Rockville for guests.
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