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Six Flags Fiesta Texas
Six Flags Fiesta Texas
San Antonio, Texas


Conquer The Giant!

As far as roller coasters go, there are beasts, there are giants, and then there are Goliaths. Find out why bigger is better on this extremely extreme 50 mile per hour body-blaster that is not for the timid.

As you load into your chair swinging from a suspended overhead track, say goodbye to right side up. Following a 10 story lift to the top of the world, brace yourself for an 80 foot curving plunge into a full 360 degree loop. That’s just for starters.

For the second course you’ll be served a zero-G inverted roll, then a second loop, waiting for you about ten seconds later. Watch the ground under your dangling feet whip around as the park below flips over and over, through a tightly packed series of opportunities to be upside down. There’s a gravity-defying DNA-helix, followed by a double set of corkscrews with enough G-force to make you scream in slow motion. How do a whopping 4 Gs sound? Because that’s what you’ll be taking right about now. All in all, you’ll face a mind-warping five inversions.

Congratulations, you’re standing tall among the giants now.


**Lockers available at this location**

Deep below the tracks of Goliath are the remains of a small town. Had things gone differently, it might have become one of biggest cities in the Texas.

But 900 years ago a Mayan witch doctor cursed the town, and now anyone who sets foot on the property — anyone who rides the coaster — risks being damned for all eternity.

He raised his arm and pointed. Shoelaces became snakes. Hair caught fire. Spiders swarmed from pockets. His flesh began to melt in the growing flames, and his laugh, an insane cackle, rose above the crowd and hovered throughout the night.

It was agreed by all that he was evil and must die. They dragged him to this spot, over 900 years ago, and tied him to a post. Screeching and calling people by name, he seemed not to care. As if he knew he couldn’t die. As if he knew he’d come back laughing.

The community lived in fear. He had brought an infestation of grasshoppers, the size of birds, that destroyed crops and devoured livestock. His love potions turned young girls’ tongues green with rot, and he had perfected the use of maggots in many spells.

He cursed them all that October night, as the flames rose higher. Next time, he will show no mercy. The site of his death, where people once laughed and still do, will forever be a place of terror. Especially, in the bewitching season.

The minimum height requirement for Goliath is 48″.

By The Numbers

April 18, 2008
Bolliger & Mabillard

What Our Guests Say

  • "An amazingly smooth thriller with loops and inverted twists that leave you wanting for nothing. My wife and I were both impressed!"
    - Chris F From Buda, Texas
  • "The replay... breathtaking drops, superb barrel rolls, and magnificent loops."
    - Hudson H. From Austin, Tx
  • "Thrilling ride with six or seven inversions! Awesome speed with twists and turns!"
    - Mark R From Willis, Tx
  • "It is accesible for disabled persons. I was able to get very close up to the ride with my power chair, and get onto the ride itself. If you can take the side to side motion it is a great ride."
    - Robert S. From San Antonio, Tx
  • "This was my wife's first time on a roller coaster, and we enjoyed it so much that she was willing to go on other rides. This made my whole experience much better. A big THANKS!!!!"
    - Willy G
The Goliath Mayan Witch Doctor
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

Location in Park: 

Los Festivales


Goes Upside Down
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