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Join us for Pinniped Weekend!

Pinniped Weekend Schedule

Educational Activities at Seal Cove!
11:00am – Otter Appearances at Main Plaza
12:00pm – Training Sessions Outside Sea Lion Stadium
12:45pm – Show at Sea Lion Stadium
1:30pm – Enrichment Talk & Demonstration at Seal Cove
2:30pm – Training Sessions at Seal Cove
3:15pm – Sea Lion Show at Sea Lion Stadium, (Raffle winners announced after the show!)
3:30pm – Prize Drawing at Seal Cove. Winners must be present to collect prizes.

A pinniped is a fascinating group of marine mammals that encompass seals, sea lions, and walruses. These remarkable mammals are uniquely adapted to life in both aquatic and terrestrial environments. With their streamlined bodies and specialized limbs, pinnipeds have evolved to navigate the challenges of the ocean while occasionally coming ashore to rest, breed, and give birth.

Meet Our Pinnipeds!

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