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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California

The Wildlife Experience

Most guests have experienced Drench! or Odin's Temple of the Tiger, but did you know there is a very special hidden gem right in Tava's Jungleland? 

You won't want to miss the Wildlife Experience Show at Discovery Theater to see a variety of small mammals and birds up close, personal and more!

Our dedicated Animal Care Specialists will take some of our very clever animals through a series of natural behaviors to demonstrate their agility, vocal prowess and talents, all the while presenting a fun, educational experience.

Throughout the show, animals such as a turkey vulture, Southern ground hornbill, a varitey of parrots and cockatoos and even a wolf will enter from all points of the stadium, including free flights from our birds of prey to demonstrate their natural flying abilities. 

This is an audience participation show and you might be the lucky audience member to come up on stage to meet an animal! 

Don't miss the close of the show, when we invite guests to the front of the stage to meet our animal ambassadors up close and where you can meet our Animal Care Specialists.


Six Flags remains committed to the health and safety of our guests, team members and animals. At times it may be necessary to shorten or cancel a presentation in order to protect the health of the animals in our care. Thank you for your understanding.

Location in Park: 

Tava's Jungleland

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