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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California
Batman the ride
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First 4D Free Fly Coaster coming to Discovery Kingdom in 2019

Northern California's First 4D Free Fly Coaster!

Northern California's first 4D free fly coaster will be themed after one of the world's most iconic DC Super Heroes. Batman: The Ride will offer a fantastic, flipping weightless coaster experience featuring six free fly inversions.

New for 2019 Video
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New for 2019 Features

The most exciting new ride experience is coming in 2019. Batman: The Ride is a unique 4D free-fly coaster that features a tumbling, free-fall journey along an I-box track.

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Head-Over-Heels Free Fly Flips

Riders experience a feeling of weightlessness as they flip continuously throughout the course of the ride with at least six head-over-heels inversions.

Soar Outside the Confines of a Traditional Track

Riders are suspended outward on either side of a massive, imposing, floating and twisting I-box track frame, on 4D wing vehicles.

Full view of new Batman:The Ride

12 Stories Tall

This 120-foot-tall coaster features a 90-degree hill that is ascended by an elevator-style, chain link lift.

New Batman: The Ride located near other DC themed attractions

Free-Falling Sensation

Experience a sensory-overload as riders flip and soar on a tumbling journey with unexpected drops and vertical free-falls.

Wing vehicles ascend to top

One of the World's Most Iconic DC Super Heroes

An outstanding visual as this bright yellow and black two-tone coaster, representative of one of the world's most iconic DC Super Heroes, paints a new park landscape.

New for 2019 Gallery

Take a closer look at Batman: The Ride. This unique ride experience will offer unparalleled fun as riders tumble and flip at unexpected points throughout the ride. We will continue to update this gallery as construction begins. Click the images below to see a larger version.

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Perspective from ground

Unique Vehicles

4D wing vehicles feature face-off seats, that seat up to eight riders per vehicle for a total of five vehicles

Ibox track

Soaring Ibox Track

4D wing vehicles

Somersaults to the Next Level

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About Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is the Thrill Capital of Northern California. Open year round (weekends and special holidays, and daily summer hours), the park features over 40 rides and attractions including 11 thrilling roller coasters, kid play areas and unique wildlife presentations, animal exhibits and programs. Kids of all ages can experience such thrill coasters as the longest, tallest looping coaster Medusa, launch coaster SUPERMAN Ultimate Flight and the exciting hybrid wood and steel coaster, THE JOKER and new in 2019 is the coaster to thrill all, BATMAN: The Ride, a 4D free-flight coaster.

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Enjoy exciting special events all year long featuring the best of entertainment, dance along with Bugs Bunny and his LOONEY TUNES friends and much more during Spring Break and July 4th Fest. Get ready to hold on tight as Six Flags hosts its annual Fright Fest event and the dazzling Holiday in the Park.

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