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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
San Francisco/Sacramento, California


A Slithering Serpent with Serious Bite!

Sure, this elaborately modeled, snake-themed junior coaster looks tame enough. But you should never trust a snake, because this fast-paced jaunt will keep your whole family coiled up in nonstop fun!

As the giant snake pulls into the station you’ll notice a larger-than-life cobra head is hissing front of this slithering ride, and you’ll be riding on its scaly back. The snake train is so long the head and tail probably don’t know what each other are doing. But wherever you ride, this course will bring out the snake charmer in you.

Race around the track as smooth as a real snake, with long, sloping curves, and cruising twists that’ll keep you glued to your chair in slinking suspense. Your serpent-like train stretches out through the 1,200-foot-long course. He whips his tail around bends and hisses over hills, lifting 26 feet off the ground while slithering at a breezy 22 miles per hour.

You’ll hug the ground, staying low as the snake gets ready to strike. Then this cobra pulses up to pivot around a tight turn, reminding you who’s in charge. You never know when that snake is going to turn on you!

Cobra sits on land that used to be one of the most profitable gold and silver mines in California until a terrible incident caused men to disappear.

Cobra might seem like a regular theme park ride, but what most people don’t know is that it sits on property that used to be the biggest mine in California. The ride vehicles — now used to convey people — used to be used to bring tons of gold, silver and other minerals to the surface. As profitable as it was, the mine was closed after a terrible, tragic “accident” that resulted in the unexplained disappearance of hundreds of workers.

The day’s work had ended, and everyone boarded the train for the long trip back to the surface. The miners were exhausted and caked in dark dust. Through the steady click-click of the tracks, they closed their eyes and tried to shut down their thoughts for a moment.

Suddenly, a shriek of terror was heard from the last car. There, deep in the mine, sounds of slurping and crunching echoed in the blackness. A loud pop was followed by a shower of blood and irregularly shaped pieces of skin. Warm and dripping strands of muscle wrapped themselves around the necks of the men in the next car. Through the terrifying blackness, their screams and whimpering were all that was heard.

Then, the race was on. Evasive action was taken. The mix of cries and crunching of bones marked the spot, as Whatever It Was made its way forward, car by car, man by man. After what seemed a lifetime, but just as suddenly as before, the light of the outside blinded the remaining miners, as the train came to the violent end of the line. Shortly after the incident the mine shaft was closed and the track was re-routed. Nobody has been into the mine shaft since.

Update: Good news! To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the mine Six Flags has decided to reopen the old mine shaft and make it available to the general public for exciting night rides. Don’t mind the sounds in the background…it’s probably nothing. Caption: The Dahlonega Mine Train was one of the most profitable mines in the southeast until a terrible incident that resulted in the disappearance of hundreds of men.

Minimum height: 42″ with adult; 48″ to ride alone.

By The Numbers

Top Speed
23 mph
Nearly 3 stories
1,181 feet
40 riders

What do you think?

Cobra Monster Mine
Thrill Level

Minimum Height

42" with adult
48" to ride alone
Location in Park: 

SkyScreamer, Kong, and Medusa


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